Police Issue Bulletin to Media Warning Democrat Activist LIED About Rescuing People in Mass Shooting

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Police in Allen, Texas, distributed a bulletin to media outlets warning statements about a mass shooting made by a Texas State Democratic Executive Committee member were patently false.

Police stated in the aftermath of the shooting at the Allen Premium Outlets last week that left 8 people dead and 7 injured, McKinney resident Steven Spainhouer – Deputy Chair of the Texas Democratic Veterans caucus – made numerous false comments to the media, including a fabricated claim he rescued a four-year-old child from under his dead mother.

Spainhouer also told the media he was first on the scene and helped administer first aid to several victims.

Spainhouer made his rounds in the media and his claims, which included blaming guns for the mass shooting and advocating for gun control, were dutifully parroted by liberal mainstream media outlets without being fact-checked.

Image credit: Courtesy of currentrevolt.com

“Prayers and condolences won’t bring these people back. We need action in the federal and state legislatures for better gun control,” Spainhouer reportedly stated, with his false claims also spread by various leftist groups.

Here he his disseminating his lies in videos and interviews that are still up on MSNBC’s YouTube channel.

Allen Police corrected the record in a press release sent to media last week, stating, “Allen Police Department wants to inform the public of discrepancies with statements made by a witness to several media outlets.”

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Following the shooting at Allen Premium Outlets, Mr. Steven Spainhouer of McKinney, Texas gave multiple public accounts of his actions. Inconsistencies between these public accounts and investigative facts led Allen Police Department to conduct a follow-up interview. During this interview, detectives determined that Mr. Spainhouer is not a credible incident witness. Factual information is listed below:

  • Mr. Spainhouer arrived between 3:44 and 3:52 p.m. and was not first on the scene, nor was he on the property while gunfire was occurring.
  • Mr. Spainhouer did not perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) or administer first aid.
  • Mr. Spainhouer did not move a deceased mother who was covering a live child.

The police bulletin concluded by chastising the media for publishing fake news.

“As inaccurate reports can be prevalent in such situations, it is essential to confirm information before sharing it. Please take note of this to prevent unintentional spreading of misinformation.”

Evidently, there was misinfo also spread about the validity of the police press release, which prompted Allen PD to publicly release it Sunday to confirm its authenticity.

Digging further into Spainhouer, CurrentRevolt.com discovered the Democrat had a seedy history of corruption.

This top Texas Democrat has a very interesting history.

A Twitter post from May 9th via @cotocrew shows news clippings from 1981 where Spainhouer was indicted for tampering with government records during his work on a political campaign.

It also includes a letter allegedly from Florida State University where Spainhourer was terminated from his job as a Law Enforcement Officer.

“In some circles, people call these sorts of things ‘red flags,’” summarized CurrentRevolt. “But this sort of history of allegedly lying and election fraud makes him a perfect candidate for leadership within the Texas Democratic Party.”

Despite the Allen police’s revisions to the timeline, the mainstream press seems unconcerned with correcting their lies, especially when the false statements came from someone within the leftist establishment.

H/t: CurrentRevolt.com

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