Hunter Biden Demands Ethics Probe Into MTG For Accusing Him Of Involvement in Human Trafficking

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Crack addict Hunter Biden demanded a Congressional ethics investigation into Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) over alleged defamatory remarks that he was involved in human trafficking.

Hunter’s attorney Abbe Lowell sent a letter Monday to the Office of Congressional Ethics calling for a review of Greene’s “unmoored verbal abuses” against Joe Biden’s youngest son claiming he was involved in human trafficking, drugs, and sex with prostitutes and minors.

“Since her election to Congress in 2020 (and before), Representative Greene has engaged in steady, dogged verbal and defamatory attacks against Mr. Biden, and members of his family,” wrote Lowell.

She also accused Greene of “undignified rhetoric and brazen violations of the standards of official conduct that do not reflect creditably on the House of Representatives.”

“In summary, the unmoored verbal abuses and ad hominem attacks against Mr. Biden are just a microcosm of Representative Greene’s numerous ethical violations and repeated lapses in ethical judgment, all of which warrant a review of her conduct,” she wrote.

Greene has been hammering on Hunter Biden’s activities related to what was found on his laptop in recent months.

“[Hunter Biden] was engaged in a human trafficking ring. And he was paying a lot of money for it,” she said, citing a Senate report detailing how Hunter paid for hookers who may have been trafficked.

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Greene also pointed out last week that the FBI had been aware of the content of Hunter’s laptop for years before the public learned about it.

The Georgia congresswoman hit back against Hunter’s probe request on Monday, claiming the substance of her claims are beyond dispute.

“The FBI, DOJ, Treasury, and the entire government knows and has proof Hunter Biden was involved in human sex trafficking and they have done absolutely nothing about it. But just imagine if Hunter’s last name was Trump,” Greene tweeted.

Most of MTG’s accusations stem from Congressional and media analysis of Hunter’s so-called “Laptop from Hell,” which details a litany of obscene sex acts and shady business dealings with Communist China, Ukraine, Russia, and more.

Lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who has personally reviewed the contents of Hunter’s laptop, turned it over to the Delaware Police in 2020 claiming he saw footage of Hunter engaging in sex acts with minors.

Lowell also sent a letter to Deputy Inspector General Richard K. Delmar requesting an investigation of former Donald Trump aide Garrett Ziegler, who allegedly published online financial activities of Hunter Biden, known as Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs).

“Ziegler has used Mr. Biden’s SARs and other financial records to craft a false narrative that Mr. Biden is associated with a human trafficking ring,” Lowell wrote. “In his persistent and continued broadcast of this fictitious tale, Ziegler has called upon House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer to disseminate Mr. Biden’s private information to an even wider audience.”

Joe Biden’s troubled son is currently under investigation for tax violations and lying on a federal firearms application.

However, as Zero Hedge notes, the government isn’t looking into the far more damning crimes found on Hunter’s laptop:

“The DOJ isn’t touching; Hunter’s trips on Air Force Two with his then-VP-daddy to ink shady family deals with CCP-linked business partners, or that giant diamond & a $30 million offer that has all the appearances of a bribe, or the $3.5 million payment made to a Hunter-founded firm from the wife of the former Mayor of Moscow. Or Hunter’s offer to trade info on Russian oligarchs to Alcoa for $55,000. Or Hunter’s access to classified documents at Joe Biden’s house while he was representing the ‘fucking spy chief of China.’ Or how Hunter admitted that Burisma, his Ukrainian employer, saw his name as ‘gold‘ when it came to peddling influence.”

Read the letter from Hunter’s lawyer:

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