Home Depot Employee Shot Dead by ‘Licensed Security Guard’ Allegedly Caught Stealing Phone Charger

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Two people were arrested following the fatal shooting of a Home Depot employee who confronted a woman allegedly trying to steal a phone charger this week in California, according to reports.

The shocking incident unfolded at around 2:15 p.m. on Tuesday in Pleasanton, a city in the suburbs of San Francisco.

Blake Mohs, a 26-year-old loss prevention specialist, encountered a female suspect trying to leave the store via a back loading dock with a stolen ‘electrical device,’ police say.

“She was confronted by one of the workers and she seemed determined to exit the store without paying and then she was confronted by Blake, the loss prevention agent,” Pleasanton Police Department spokesman Lt. Erik Silacci told local media.

“And that’s when a physical confrontation ensued, and the female suspect pulled out a handgun and fired a shot at Blake.”

The woman then got into an SUV with her boyfriend and 2-year-old child inside and fled the scene, authorities say.

Witnesses told police they saw a gun thrown from the vehicle in the parking lot as the suspects sped away.

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A high-speed pursuit ended in East Oakland, where the suspects were arrested.

The alleged shoplifter and shooter, Benicia Knapps, 32, is a “licensed security guard and has a criminal history involving theft,” according to KTVU.

The man, who is believed to be the getaway driver, was identified as 31-year-old David Guillory.

“Knapps was arrested on suspicion of murder, robbery, child endangerment and conspiracy, police said. Booking records show Guillory was arrested on a child endangerment charge and evading police and driving the wrong way,” KTVU reports.

Tragically, Mohs succumbed to his wounds shortly after the shooting.

An Eagle Scout and “model citizen” who reportedly met his fiancée while both were working with Boy Scouts, Mohs was preparing for his wedding in August.

“Unfortunately his life was cut short by this senseless act of violence that started with a theft and turned into a robbery and ended in his murder,” Lt. Silacci said.

“We lost a valuable member of our community, a person who served to protect his fellow coworkers and customers and was a valuable partner with law enforcement.”

Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert and well-known political commentator, shared a story about the shooting, indicating it is a Home Depot location when he often shops as a local resident.

An investigation is ongoing.

Infowars has been reporting on the surge of crime in many U.S. cities.

While America is losing their proxy war against Russia, China and Iran are poised to attack.

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