Dove’s Cringe-Worthy ‘Women In Gaming’ Ad Gets Destroyed for Promoting Fat, Ugly Characters

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An outrageous ad by soap company Dove features a fat female video game character, in a purported effort to push back against the supposedly unrealistic portrayals of women in games.

The ad produced by Dove in conjunction with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine depicts a relatively-attractive female heroine triumphing over a giant boss, before she heads home and removes her body-shaping armor to reveal she’s actually very overweight.

After the hefty female avatar looks in the mirror, she gains new confidence in her chunky self, picks up a sword and waddles back into battle sans her body-shaping armor.

The ad goes on to claim “74% of girls feel underrepresented in video games,” suggesting they suffer self-esteem issues as a result.

In a press release regarding the “Real Virtual Beauty” campaign from Dove parent company Unilever last October, they noted its about “increasing representation and diversity in gaming for women and girls.”

The ad was brutally mocked on social media for talking down to female gamers, and for attempting to distort traditional beauty standards and instead promote an unhealthy lifestyle.

We’ll see if outrage against the cringe-worthy ad campaign rises to the point of a boycott, or if the company will see sales fall in accordance with the “Get woke, go broke” maxim.

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