WWIII Watch: Biden Regime Declassifies Footage of Warplanes Conducting Nuclear Strikes

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The Biden regime has declassified 1960s footage of B-52s conducting nuclear strikes in a veiled warning to Russia.

The National Archives recently declassified footage, called Nuclear Effects During SAC Delivery Missions, showing B-52s dropping nuclear bombs to demonstrate how the Air Force would perform nuclear strikes if necessary during the Cold War.

The training video shows nuclear tests from Operation Crossroads in 1946, Operation Greenhouse in 1950 and Operation Teapot in 1955.

From the Daily Mail:

The video walked through training exercises for bomber crews on board B-52. The crew would be informed of a mission but wouldn’t know if it was a real quest or not until they reached their target.

Footage of crew members reviewing maps and targets showed as a narrator reassures the viewer the plans on how to conduct a nuclear strike had been extensively reviewed by experts in laboratories and in the field.

Perfecting time was essential for a precise testing procedure to ensure crew members were safe while in combat.  

The narrator explained the three effects of a nuclear attack in order, which include, blast, thermal and radiation.

These three effects are explained in detail while the narrator reviews what could happen during the different stages. 

“This could happen. If this nightmare situation ever materializes into grim reality, you may have a real bear by the tail, but at least you are assured of escaping from the nuclear effects of our own weapons,” the narrator concludes.

This comes amid heightened rhetoric by Biden and Russia, with Putin recently warning that a nuclear “apocalypse” was possible if the West continued facilitating its proxy war in Ukraine.

Nuclear war rhetoric has steadily intensified since Russia launched its special military operation in Ukraine last February.

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For example, New York City issued a PSA last summer telling residents what to do in the event of a nuclear attack for the first time since the 1960s.

The Pentagon also claimed last October that pre-emptive nuclear strikes on non-nuclear targets were on the table.

Since then, the World Health Organization issued guidance in January to stockpile medicines that treat radiation exposure.

Russia has even resorted to deploying its nuclear-armed ships, submarines and bombers for the first time in 30 years, and President Vladimir Putin announced this weekend that nuclear missiles would be positioned in Belarus.

Meanwhile, China has tried to maneuver itself as the mediator for peace in Ukraine, with dictator Xi Jinping visiting Moscow last week to discuss his nation’s 12-point peace plan to end the conflict, a prospect the Biden regime has vehemently downplayed.

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