WATCH: Slew of Wild Chases, Migrant Bailouts in South Texas

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Authorities continue sharing stunning videos of high-speed chases unfolding on a daily basis in Texas as the Biden border crisis rages on.

Emboldened human smugglers frequently flee from Texas police and Border Patrol during pursuits that often end with illegal aliens bailing out and taking flight on foot.

On Tuesday, Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) spokesman Lt. Chris Olivarez posted footage of a smuggling bust in Val Verde County.

The driver of the sedan can be seen pulling against a guardrail on US 90 as two people exit the vehicle and run into the brush.

The sedan then whips back onto the highway, swerving around TxDPS truck and continuing onward at high speed.

“The driver eventually stopped & was arrested & charged w/ human smuggling. 2 illegal immigrants were found inside the trunk,” Lt. Olivarez explained.

On Wednesday, Olivarez posted footage from back-to-back pursuits in Border Patrol’s Del Rio Sector.

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Both chases involved pickup trucks that veered off the highway and crashed through brush and fencing.

“Just within a few hours – TxDPS Troopers were involved in back-to-back pursuits. One of the drivers from California was arrested after smuggling 6 illegal immigrants,” Olivarez said.

Also on Wednesday, Olivarez shared a montage of videos from various enforcement operations during a “busy night” in Del Rio Sector.

One pursuit ended with seven illegal aliens jumping out of pickup truck driven by a resident of California while three more were found hiding in the bed of the vehicle.

On Thursday, two females were arrested following a bailout and high-speed pursuit in Kinney County.

“During the chase, multiple illegal immigrants bailed out & ran toward the brush. Both females were arrested & face smuggling charges,” Olivarez explained.

Chaos unfolds constantly along the U.S.-Mexico border, as Infowars regularly reports.

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