America Is On Trial | The Rob Maness Show | EP 176

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With the fraudulent indictment of President Trump by a Marxist Soros -supported New York District Attorney, we learn more every day just how bad things are for the law abiding citizens of the United States. J6 political prisoner John Strand is my guest this week and from his website he says “Corruption and selective prosecution are the hallmarks of a totalitarian regime; they excuse their behavior by classifying it as “lawful”…but they arbitrarily determine when, where, and who to apply only those laws that advance their agenda, and they maliciously change and control both definitions and access to information.
Thanks to Tucker Carlson, we can see they knowingly lied, and actively hid exculpatory evidence–an explicit and outrageous violation of the law. In reality, this is a complete subversion of the rule of law, violating the sacred Constitutional principle of Equal Protection. They operate using lies and confusion to keep the public compliant—and to crush any dissent.” John faces 24 years in federal prison because he was convicted in the DC political courts on J6 charges.

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