Video Report: Western Rockets Kill 2 Civilians In Ukraine As Biden Admin Sends Another $2.5 Billion In Military Aid

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Independent journalist and U.S. military veteran Patrick Lancaster posted a video report to his YouTube channel on Friday revealing a Western-supplied rocket hit a civilian area of Russia-controlled Ukraine and killed two locals.

A couple in their 40s allegedly died after their home which sat less than one hundred yards from a school building was hit by three shells.

Holding chunks of rocket shrapnel in his hands, Lancaster showed one piece had English letters instead of the Russian and Ukrainian alphabet that would appear on anything made in each country.

“The weapons the West is sending to Ukraine are killing civilians. This is a fact!” he told the camera as he held the sharp metal.

A local man who may be fighting with DPR forces was interviewed and said he suspected the missile was provided to the Ukrainian military by France.

Another local said he didn’t know why Ukrainian forces were launching attacks on the civilian area, calling the people there “peaceful” and confirming there was no military facility or presence there.

See images of the attack posted by Lancaster below:

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Attacks on civilian infrastructure by the Ukrainian military have become all too normal in the Donbas region of the country.

This latest example of Western materials being used to kill civilians comes as the Biden administration on Friday announced an additional $2.5 billion in military funding to Ukraine.

That spending is in addition to the $45 billion sent to Ukraine after Biden signed the $1.7 trillion omnibus “spending bill” last month.

While inflation wrecks the U.S. economy, the latest Ukraine military package brings the total amount of U.S. aid sent to Ukraine to over $110 billion!

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