Democrats’ January 6th Shenanigans Symptomatic of Deeper Rot

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We’re finding out the Democrats’ phony January 6th narrative isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.  According to the Democrats, there was an insurrection at the Capitol that day, but they had to doctor video – adding screams and crowd mayhem sounds – to make their case.  Moreover, just released video the Democrats kept hidden clearly shows police escorting peaceful protesters around the Capitol building.  Some insurrection.  What a crock.  The Democrats’ insurrection case is as phony as a three-dollar bill and now the House Republicans have launched an investigation into what the Democrats’ January 6th Committee left out of its report and why.

The Democrats’ January 6th shenanigans are symptomatic of a deeper rot inside the Democrat Party and leadership.  They want power and they mean to seize it by any means necessary.

They say one thing and do another.  Failed Ohio Democrat U.S. senate candidate Tim Ryan claimed he opposed abortions up to birth but, in effect, voted for them as a state legislator.

They rewrite history.  Biden claimed inflation was rampant when he took office, but it was just above 1 percent at the time.  They claim the U.S. prospered in the ‘50s and ‘60s with tax rates as high as 91 percent, but the effective rate for top earners after deductions and credits was only 16 percent.

They lie.  Biden said he produced the biggest increase in Social Security checks in history, but the benefit formula is tied to inflation. Biden had nothing to do with it.  He said the Trump tax cuts only benefitted the rich but a study found they benefitted all income groups.  Left-wing CNN debunked both these claims and a half a dozen more, concluding Biden had given false or misleading information in each case.

They bamboozle you with statistics.  Biden claimed he cut the deficit, and by the largest amount in history.  But this was only after gargantuan COVID spending the year before, and Biden’s deficit still remained higher than Trump’s non-COVID deficit.  Biden claimed he added a half a million new jobs in January, but the numbers were actually down when seasonally adjusted.

They misuse government resources to leverage advantages for themselves.  Ousted Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot had urged public school students to campaign on her behalf for extra credit.  A new Biden rule pushes retirement money managers to pressure companies to reduce their carbon emissions and establish racial hiring quotas.  A previous Biden order directs federal agencies to register new voters in public housing and wherever else likely Democrats are to be found.

They sabotage enemies.  They went to the 30 top advertisers on Twitter after Elon Musk took over and got 14 of them to stop advertising on the platform.  They are spending millions of dollars to undermine House Republicans who are investigating the Biden crime family’s financial dealings and other government wrongdoing.

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And when they get caught, they just say it’s old news.  When it was revealed Twitter censored social media posts on behalf of the Democrat National Committee and the Biden campaign, the White House pooh-poohed the whole thing and said it was just “old news”.

So, you see, the Democrats’ January 6th shenanigans are no accident.  They are part of a pattern, stemming from a deep rot produced by a mastery of trickery and deceit carefully and systematically honed over decades.  They may call people like me the ‘Deplorables’, but I call them the ‘Despicables’, a title they so richly deserve.

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