The Soros DAs: Bad People Up to No Good

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The Soros DAs: Bad People Up to No Good

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Missouri’s Attorney General just fired St. Louis progressive prosecutor Kim Gardner for failing to prosecute violent crimes and for other reasons.  Gardner is a Democrat whose campaign was bankrolled by left-wing superhero George Soros.  She admitted to prosecutorial misconduct in the case she brought against former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens.  Also, she was barred from prosecuting Mark McCloskey on gun charges after a judge found she was using the case to fundraise for her reelection campaign.  She has a backlog of 3,000 cases she has not brought.

The immediate precipitating factor for her firing was an incident in St. Louis last week in which a high school volleyball player visiting the city was struck by a speeding car, pinned against another car, and lost her legs.  The driver of the speeding car was free pending trial for armed robbery after Kim Gardner’s office failed to show up for his first trial and failed to respond when the defendant’s GPS monitor went off 40 times before the crash – meaning they didn’t know where he was half the time.

The volleyball player is not the only victim the Soros DAs have claimed.

Soros DA George Gascon in Los Angeles cut loose a Vietnamese man who had a history of making death threats against Jews.  After his release, the man went on to shoot two Jews who were leaving their synagogues.

The Michigan State University shooter who killed three this month had previous felony gun charges dropped to a misdemeanor by a progressive prosecutor.  A felony conviction would have barred the shooter from owning firearms.  The prosecutor retired in November after her soft-on-crime policies, including her gun charging policy, were widely criticized.

The man who killed a subway employee in Washington three weeks ago had assault charges against him dismissed by a Soros prosecutor in Virginia last year.

Kim Foxx, the notorious Soros prosecutor in Chicago, let a man escape murder charges who had been involved in a shootout with another man.  They both had drawn their guns in an altercation, but the prosecutor called the resulting death of one an act of ‘self-defense’.

Back in St. Louis, three teens were released and sent home after they fired shots at police officers.

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These are not the only bad results Soros DAs around the country are producing.  The Soros DA in Philadelphia is overseeing the deadliest murder wave in the city since the 1990s, with more than 500 murders two years running.  Similarly, the murder rate in L.A. under the previously mentioned George Gascon is at a 15-year high.  Child sex crimes, domestic violence, and sexual assault have doubled on his watch, according to members of his own office.  Crime is spiking in city after city where Soros prosecutors are at the helm of the criminal justice system.

What’s it going to take to get people to realize these Soros prosecutors are bad people and progressive criminal justice reform is a very bad idea?  Their thinking is crazy:  All black people, including criminals, are Marxist class heroes and are always right no matter what.  White people are class enemies and always wrong.  Black people are downtrodden and oppressed and, therefore entitled to shoplift.  Theft is OK because insurance companies will just keep paying the losses – which is not true, by the way.  Get rid of cash bail.  Defund the police.  Abolish all courts and prisons. All of this is nuttier than a fruitcake but, if you were trying to create chaos and bring down the country – like many suspect George Soros of wanting to do – you couldn’t start in a better place.

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