Texas Universities Demand Job Applicants Pledge Woke Allegiance

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There never has been a better time to combat the publicly funded racist advocacy that has become prevalent in Texas universities. 

Entire departments at Texas Tech University and the University of Texas spend millions of taxpayer dollars each year on pseudoscientific nonsense—setting divisive standards that are stoking racial tension instead of easing it.

One bill introduced in the Texas Legislature would pull every cent from these programs.

Several Texas universities have begun the practice, in the staff hiring process, of requiring statements in favor of diversity, equity, and inclusion policies, or DEI, as well as  examples of “anti-racist” behavior. Job applicants are required to state multiple times in which they have participated in “anti-racist” behavior in an effort to “deconstruct white supremacy.”

According to documents provided to The Daily Signal by a Texas Tech professor who wishes to remain anonymous, Lubbock-based Texas Tech has begun requiring political diversity statements and references to prove how progressive job candidates are in applying for several positions, such as this job for an associate professor of arts administration, management, and advocacy: 

At Texas A&M University, the so-called Office for Diversity demands letters proving the appropriateness of job applicants’ political opinions as they complete the application process:

Texas Tech uses similar language for job postings in its  engineering, music, and education schools.

Texas University at Austin requires applicants for the position of professor of environmental biology to provide “past contributions and future plans for promoting diversity equity and inclusion through research, teaching, mentoring and/or service.” 

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The University of Houston requested applicants for the job of program coordinator of diversity and outreach, where primary roles include critiquing the methods of professors at the university and providing diversity training for staff. Only an associate’s degree is required.

The position also focuses on creating medical school pathways for “students of underrepresented backgrounds.” 

According to the University of Houston’s Center for Diversity, the only “underrepresented backgrounds” the university is concerned with appear to be those of black, Hispanic, female, and LGBTQ+ students.

State Rep. Carl Tepper, R-Lubbock County, introduced HB 1006 to combat DEI programs in universities that are leeching off Texas taxpayers. His bill would remove the universities’ ability to fund, promote, sponsor, or support any department, program, or office that “funds, sponsors, or supports an initiative or formulation of diversity, equity, and inclusion beyond what is necessary to uphold the equal protection of the laws under the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution.”

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Signal, Tepper reiterated the need for his bill: 

Many staff, students, and alumni are frustrated and alarmed at these DEI programs. Universities have made ‘diversity’ about skin color, rather than about diversity of cultures, ideas, and experiences, which made the U.S. a leader in science and medicine.

Several media outlets have attempted to paint Tepper’s bill as an attack on racial diversity, suggesting that the legislation would “divest” minority students of resources at Texas universities.

“This bill won’t negatively affect students of color one bit. It will save them money in tuition, and return universities to their original purpose of providing a strong academic education,” Tepper said in the phone interview.

Texas institutions currently spend millions on DEI programs. Tepper says that Texas Tech spends $4.5 million annually on its DEI department: 

Texas Tech only has about half the DEI staff of the University of Texas—how much more is University of Texas spending? Nine or ten million? Spending millions of taxpayer and student dollars on these divisive programs is a gross waste. If you believe the tenets of critical race theory—fine, you just can’t teach or require it on the taxpayer’s dollar.

Since the introduction of Tepper’s bill, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, has informed state agencies that any hiring practices based on “diversity, equity, and inclusion” criteria are illegal. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, also a Republican, similarly has criticized DEI programs at universities, calling them “hostile to academic freedom.” 

Tepper expressed gratitude for the general response to his bill from students, teachers, and alumni:

Several professors have reached out to express their concern over being asked to ‘swear allegiance’ to a diversity, equity, and inclusion policy. Many are scared for their jobs.

Right now, the important work of letting the public know what’s going on is being done. Next, we’ll begin to disassemble these departments by removing them from the budget.

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