One Government; One Party

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Totalitarian states all have one thing in common—a single political party rules. Whether these states are labeled fascist, national socialist (really the same thing as fascist), socialist, or communist, one party rules in perpetuity. One-party systems can either outlaw other parties (de jure) or render them impotent (de facto.)[1]

Communist China is a totalitarian (communist) state, but only 6.85% of the Chinese people belong to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP.)[2] This percentage is about the same as the proportion of Germans who belonged to the Nazi party in 1940. Although minor parties are allowed, China is effectively a single-party nation run by the CCP.

With percentages this low, “the party” rules without regard for the will of the people. The irony about communist states is that the party leverages the oppressor/oppressed model to gain control. Once in power, the party subjugates the people—not that the people necessarily are aware of the oppression. State media serves to periodically rile the people up about some fictitious threat to the wellbeing of the whole nation to dissuade dissatisfaction with the status quo.

Contrast the low numbers of party membership in totalitarian states with the fact that more than 75% of registered voters inside the DC beltway are Democrats.[3] Only 6% are Republicans. Throughout the nation 47% lean Republican and 42% lean Democrat.[4]  There are just over 480 thousand registered voters inside the Beltway. There are over 110 million registered voters outside of DC. As such, DC voters make up less than half a percent (0.44%) of registered voters. It’s a good thing the Constitution distributes power among the states as well as the “general” government in DC.

Oh wait. The national government doesn’t pay any attention to that “old rag” from history. Over the last century, the media, educational system, and government(s) themselves have torn the bonds that enabled the American people to actually rule themselves. The “mostly peaceful” protests that really started with “Occupy Wall Street” and the Covid-19 pandemic have distracted the American people, just like the fictitious threats used by the Chinese Communist Party to distract their people.

So, what is the reality about who rules the United States? First, how different are the two parties? Party distinctions vary by state, but fundamentally, the Republican Party in the states is still wedded to traditional American values and the Constitution. Democrats differ on these two points, but the Heartland states are not as radical as the two coasts. Within the Beltway, the picture changes dramatically. The Democrats are emboldened to destroy tradition and the Constitution, and with rare exception, the Republicans are content to let them.

The intention of the Constitution’s framers was that the balance of federated power would favor the states.[5] Such a distribution of power allowed for state (and regional) autonomy much more than the centralization of power today. The framers were adamant that the “general government” not interfere in the “internal policing” of the states.[6] With exception of national defense and interstate matters (like commerce), voters in each state determined 100% of the rules by which they lived. This meant that the governors and state legislatures had more power than the President or Congress.

Because American politicians look at going to DC as climbing to the top of the ladder, state parties are mere proxies for the national parties in the Beltway. The concentration of power within DC means that about .4% of registered voters (see above) are really dictating laws, regulations, and their enforcement over the vast majority of Americans. But just like the Chinese, the Americans have been seduced into thinking that they have freedom.

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Authored by Dennis Haugh and originally published at, used by permission.

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