Libs of TikTok Creator Aims to Protect Children From ‘Breeding Grounds of Activism’ With New Children’s Book 

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Libs of TikTok Creator Aims to Protect Children From ‘Breeding Grounds of Activism’ With New Children’s Book 

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Libs of TikTok creator Chaya Raichik is set to release a children’s book aimed at protecting children from those who she says want to “sexualize them and confuse them about their identity.” 

“We need to be proactive in this fight. Instead of reacting to all the new ideas from bad actors who are talking to children, we need to go on offense,” Raichik told The Daily Signal. “I want to get this message to kids before they encounter that situation.” 

To be released March 14 by Brave Books, “No More Secrets: The Candy Cavern” is the story of a young lamb whose teacher tells her to keep secrets about the candy and cakes he is giving the second graders at school. The teacher turns out to be a predator in disguise, in this case a wolf.  

“[Activists] want to break down childhood innocence, and one of the textbook predatory behaviors that comes first in that process is to sever the parent-child relationship and to create that division,” Raichik said. “So, my book basically teaches that lesson, that if a kid spots that behavior where a trusted adult is telling them, ‘Don’t tell your parents. Keep a secret from your parents,’ and tries to circumvent the parent, you should know that’s predatory behavior, and it can lead to dangerous things, and you should obviously right away have that conversation with their parents.”  

In “No More Secrets,” Rose the lamb tells her parents about the predatory teacher, and they’re able to save her from harm.  

“I want [children] to be able to, when they see that behavior, right away be able to spot it and know that this is wrong, and then be able to have that confidence to go have a conversation with their parents,” Raichik said.  

The primary goal of the book is to protect children of the next generation, she said. She hopes it gives children the tools they need to ward off those who seek to destroy childhood innocence.  

“What kind of country are we going to have if we just have a society full of these adults who are just confused about their identity?” she asked. “And … I think [the activists] just want a chaotic and destructive society, and I’m going to try to stop that.” 

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Raichik plans to travel with Brave Books to cities across the country to encourage parents with “No More Secrets.” 

“We’re going to be proactive and nip it in the bud before it can go too far,” she explained.  

Raichik has run her account Libs of TikTok for two years. A year ago, she decided to go on the offense by writing a book. She was drawn to Brave Books because they “flood the market with good books with good messages for children.” She connected with the conservative, Christian publisher a few months ago.

Trent Talbot, founder of Brave Books, said American children need to learn the lessons in Raichik’s book. 

“This is not the same country that we adults grew up in as kids. Today, there are wolves in sheep’s clothing everywhere our kids turn,” Talbot told The Daily Signal. “That’s why it’s vital every kid is taught not to keep secrets from their parents, and why we are so determined to get this book in every home and school across the nation.” 

Far-left activists have taken over children’s entertainment, Raichik said. 

“You can’t even trust Disney anymore. You can’t trust any of the books in your kids’ school libraries, in the public libraries,” she said. “Focusing on children’s entertainment and education is one of the most important things; so, that’s why I really love what we’re doing.” 

A former real estate agent, Raichik started Libs of TikTok during the COVID-19 pandemic. The rental market shut down, and she spent more time on TikTok, where she found videos of teachers talking about radical gender ideology. She started posting the videos on Twitter, and now her account has 1.9 million followers.  

“These forces are so powerful, and so strong, and they’re really targeting children at every angle in every institution, however they can, and it’s really harming children,” she said. “And I think about what kind of country do I want to leave for my children.” 

Raichik said she expects criticism of her new book, as the Left wants to silence her. But “No More Secrets” does not have a political message. 

“It’s just a basic message that up until very recently every American agreed on, that parents know what’s best for their children,” she said. “I think it’s something that we should all agree on.”  

A decade ago, schools stuck to reading, writing, and math, Raichik said, instead of acting as “breeding grounds for activism.”  

“We used to have good teachers who came to teach children and educate them and, hopefully, had a relationship with the parents,” she said. “Now, there’s the taking out of the parent, but also, they’re not even teaching these subjects anymore.” 

“They’re teaching critical race theory, and they’re injecting gender ideology, and all the while cutting out the parents. So, I think it’s a recipe for disaster,” she continued. “It’s really dangerous.” 

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