EXCLUSIVE: Christian Actor Kirk Cameron to Start 14-City Christian Story Hour Tour Thursday 

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Kirk Cameron will go on a 15-library Christian story hour tour starting in Savannah, Georgia, on Thursday to “take back the hearts and minds of children in the country,” the Christian actor told The Daily Signal.  

Cameron will read his children’s book on the fruits of the Spirit “As You Grow,” published by Brave Books, in 14 cities, from Nashville and Houston to Washington, D.C., and Seattle. Christian governors, representatives, senators, and celebrities will join Cameron at his story hours, including Arkansas Republican Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, “Duck Dynasty” star Missy Robertson, and Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas.  

Country singer Coffey Anderson will sing “Mr. Red White and Blue” alongside Cameron in Savannah on Thursday.  

“Whoever tells the children the stories earns the ability to control the future,” Cameron told The Daily Signal. “If we want a wholesome and healthy future for our children, we must begin educating them when they’re young, rather than letting others indoctrinate them when they’re young, leading to the kinds of things that we’re finding ourselves shocked to see in places we never thought we’d see them, like kindergarten classrooms and public library story times.” 

Brave Books has partnered with a legal counsel team to sue any library that rejects Cameron’s story hour request on the basis that it violates the “Growing Pains” star’s First Amendment rights, Zach Bell, Brave Books chief of staff, told The Daily Signal. More than 50 public libraries denied or ignored Brave Books’ requests for an “As You Grow” story hour with Cameron on his tour last year. Many of the libraries opened their doors to Drag Queen Story Hours while rejecting the Christian messages of Cameron.  

“There are many good teachers many good libraries and librarians out there,” Cameron said, “but it is mystifying when libraries say yes to men performing perverted acts in front of children in fishnet stockings, but say no to love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, and self-control.” 

Thousands of parents and grandparents support Cameron’s Brave Book readings at the libraries, far outnumbering protesters, Cameron said. Brave Books receives many story hour requests from concerned Americans. One tour location is yet to be announced so the tour can visit the cities with the largest outcries for a Christian story hour.  

“There are many libraries in America who are begging us to come and share our books, many parents who are crying out saying, ‘Yes, this is what we want. We don’t want this woke garbage. It leads to brokenness and bondage and leads to misery. What we want is what our country was built on, which was the Bible and faith and family and love for country,’” Cameron said.

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The tour is leading up to a future Brave Books announcement.  

“There’s going to be something at the end of this tour that will allow every American that to join in on this fight,” Bell said.  

Pop singer Sam Smith’s Grammy performance on Sunday demonstrates the crumbling moral fiber of America, Cameron said.  

“This is why parents are so upset,” he explained. “This is why the outcry for help is so loud, and that’s why I’m starting this book tour. This is why I’m going on the road, because if we don’t turn the tide quickly, it will soon become the ‘Sam Smith Show’ in your children’s classrooms.”  

Cameron wants children who read “As You Grow” and other Brave Books to learn that ideas have consequences. Ideas like critical race theory and socialism destroy faith and liberty, according to Cameron.  

“Bad ideas need to be exposed and thrown away or they will lead to bad consequences, and the good ideas are obvious,” Cameron said. “They’re the same ideas that our country was built on — it’s faith, it’s family, it’s liberty.” 

“We need a new generation of heroes to rise up,” he added. “And those heroes will be built by parents who raised their children with faith and moral integrity. That’s what the books are about. That’s what I’m trying to not only impart to the kids but inspire the parents to not take a passive role in this, but to get off the defense, get on the offense, and win, win, win the battle for their children’s future.” 

The fight against the wokeness which corrupts the medical industry, music, education, and Big Tech starts at home, Cameron said. 

“If we want to save America, it doesn’t start in Hollywood,” Cameron said. “It begins at your house and my house with our children. And that’s why I’m going on this tour.” 

Cameron said he is inspired to see “pastor story hours” prevailing over Drag Queen Story Hours. 

“Pastors are recognizing the needs of the hour and not keeping their faith and good message locked in the four walls of the church,” Cameron said. “They’re going to the public library, and they’re inviting their community to come hear stories about describe, describe things like God’s design for gender and sexuality.” 

“The ones who are receiving pushback are doing what I did,” he added. “They’re grabbing a hold of their copy of the Constitution, and they’re educating themselves in their community on something called free speech. And they’re turning these denials into revivals in their neighborhoods.” 

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