Democracy Gets Lost In The Mail

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There are still plenty of problems with our elections process.  Today, I look at one of them – mail-in voting.  It was expanded in the COVID era, and Democrats want to cement it in place even though the COVID emergency rationale for it has disappeared.

In 2021, California passed a law to send every registered voter a ballot in the mail, automatically, for every election.  In the 2022 election in California, election officials rejected over 226,000 mail-in ballots, primarily because they arrived too late to be counted.  These people thought their vote would count when they put their ballot in the mail, but they were wrong.  They were disenfranchised by the system California put in place.  How is a system that foreseeably disenfranchises so many people not a threat to democracy?

There are other problems with California’s mail-in system.  Some people forgot to sign their mail-in ballots.  They were disenfranchised, too.  Dead people are sent ballots in such a system when voter rolls are not kept up to date.  Seven other states joined California in mailing ballots to every voter in the pandemic so, undoubtedly, the same problems can be found elsewhere.  Ideally, mass mail-in voting should be abolished but, in states where it’s here to stay, a driver’s license or other documentation should be required and all ballots arriving after election day should not be counted, an elections expert says.

Mail-in voting presents additional problems in states that allow ballot harvesting.  Political operatives can collect mail ballots at people’s homes, then fill them out, alter them, or simply fail to deliver them if the vote is not what the operatives want.

The best election security is at a polling place under bipartisan supervision.  The voter’s identity can be verified, the ballots are put in locked and sealed boxes, and the possibility of voters being pressured to vote a certain way by family members or party operatives cannot enter in.  And nothing gets lost in the mail, or stolen, altered, or forged.   This might not seem like a big deal to you but, remember, 20 million mail ballots went missing in the 2020 election.  In the 2022 mid-term elections in Nevada, three out of every four ballots mailed to every voter in the state were not mailed back.  What happened to all these missing ballots?  Who got ahold of them and for what purpose? Now you can start to see the scale of the problem.  Unfortunately, the Supreme Court recently turned away a challenge to mail-in voting in Pennsylvania that could have invalidated similar laws elsewhere.

I plan to come back next week and tell you about the continuing problem of private financing of our elections by left-wing groups.  Despite new laws passed in several states, the problem has not gone away and you’ll want to know how your vote is affected.

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