CatholicVote Confronts DOJ with Huge List of Anti-Catholic Attacks Left Unprosecuted

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CV NEWS FEED // In a massive, 200-part series of tweets, CatholicVote this weekend confronted the Biden Justice Department for failing to make arrests or launch prosecutions in connection with a nationwide rash of hate and criminal violence against Catholic churches and pro-life organizations.


“Today marks exactly one year since the Justice Department wrote to us promising action on an alarming rise in anti-Catholic violence. In May 2022, attacks on churches and pro-life clinics skyrocketed as ‘revenge’ over Roe. As of earlier this week, the DOJ had made ZERO arrests,” CatholicVote tweeted:

Since May, CatholicVote has tracked over 200 acts of hate and violence against Catholic Americans and their pro-life allies, from obscene disruptions at Mass to firebombings of women’s clinics. This thread lays them all out. @TheJusticeDept, we demand equal treatment under the law.

The huge series of tweets included photographs of incidents, links to news reports, and quotations from priests and pregnancy resource center operators victimized by pro-abortion and anti-Catholic extremists.


Also included were quotations from radical abortion terrorists, who took credit for attacks and openly made death threats – at times clearly indicating anti-Catholic animus as a motive. Pro-abortion vandals identifying with the amorphous national terror brand “Jane’s Revenge” graffitied some Catholic properties with phrases like “F*** THE CHURCH,” “ABORT THE CHURCH,” and “WE HATE GOD.”

One year ago, on January 28, 2022, Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta wrote to CatholicVote President Brian Burch assuring him: “We share your concern with and commitment to preventing and addressing acts of vandalism, property destruction, and other incidents that target religious symbols, shrines, statues, or churches.”

Gupta promised: “The Department is taking numerous steps to address such violence, consistent with our commitment to combat unlawful acts of hate in all their forms.” 

CatholicVote called Gupta out for failing to follow through on that promise. “Hundreds of flagrant, unprosecuted attacks on Catholics & pro-life Americans later, the words ring hollow,” CatholicVote tweeted after listing the attacks that have taken place since Gupta issued the letter:

CatholicVote has launched a national petition calling on Congress to take action to protect churches and women’s resource centers. Join us, and hold @TheJusticeDept accountable. Demand that our nation’s laws be respected and enforced.

Sign the petition: 

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Readers can sign CatholicVote’s petition here.


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