Biden Border Visit: Theater of the Absurd

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I predicted last week Joe Biden’s visit to the southern border would be a carefully staged piece of theater, and I was right.

We can start with the picture in the New York Times story on the visit of Biden talking to agents at a border wall.  What’s remarkable about this is that one of the first things Joe Biden did as president was to stop the building of Trump’s border wall.  So the photo in the New York Times was deliberately designed to give you the misimpression Biden is tough on border issues when the opposite is true.

Local TV in El Paso reported that migrant camps were being cleared out and people arrested to clean the area up before Biden arrived.  They needn’t have bothered.  Biden didn’t visit any areas overrun by illegal aliens when he was there.  He didn’t go downtown.  He went to a processing center where he watched demonstrations by drug-sniffing dogs.

During his visit, Biden claimed securing the border would take a lot of money.  No, it wouldn’t.  He could start with reversing the three dozen or so policy changes his administration has made to open the border, policy changes I’ve documented in previous commentaries.  So Joe Biden is misleading you when he says it’s lack of money, not his policies, that’s responsible for the record illegal immigration we are witnessing.

Likewise, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is gaslighting you when he claims it’s all Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s fault for not cooperating with the federal government.  Mayorkas instigated many of the policy changes opening the border I mentioned, and his focus is on getting as many illegal aliens efficiently processed into the interior as possible.  His priority is to make “legal pathways” for the nation to be overrun.

Darn that Governor Abbott for not being on board with the invasion.  Abbott wants to stop the invasion and recommends five steps be taken: build the wall, limit humanitarian parole to its original definition, reinstitute Remain in Mexico for asylum seekers, designate the cartels as foreign terrorist organizations and – if you can imagine this – actually enforce the nation’s immigration laws as they were written, including deportation.

Abbott handed Joe Biden a letter which accurately describes the situation:

  • Your visit to our southern border with Mexico today is $20 billion too little and two years too late. Moreover, your visit avoids the sites where mass illegal immigration occurs and sidesteps the thousands of angry Texas property owners whose lives have been destroyed by your border policies. Even the city you visit has been sanitized of the migrant camps which had overrun downtown El Paso because your Administration wants to shield you from the chaos that Texans experience on a daily basis. This chaos is the direct result of your failure to enforce the immigration laws that Congress enacted.
  • Under President Trump, the federal government achieved historically low levels of illegal immigration. Under your watch, by contrast, America is suffering the worst illegal immigration in the history of our country. Your open-border policies have emboldened the cartels, who grow wealthy by trafficking deadly fentanyl and even human beings. Texans are paying an especially high price for your failure, sometimes with their very lives, as local leaders from your own party will tell you if given the chance.
  • All of this is happening because you have violated your constitutional obligation to defend the States against invasion through faithful execution of federal laws. Halfway through your presidency, though, I can finally welcome you to the border. When you finish the photo-ops in a carefully stage-managed version of El Paso, you have a job to do.

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