Teacher Sues Ohio School District After Being Fired for Refusing to Use Preferred Pronouns

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Ohio middle school English teacher Vivian Geraghty lost her job in August when she refused to call two students by new names and preferred personal pronouns. 

Geraghty was informed in August that two of her students were beginning to “socially transition” to another gender. A school counselor emailed Geraghty and several other teachers with instructions to call the students by new names and pronouns, according to a press release issued by Alliance Defending Freedom, a Christian legal organization that represents Geraghty . 

The teacher in Ohio’s Jackson Local School District met with her principal and explained that her religious beliefs would not allow her to call the students by pronouns that didn’t reflect their biology. 

The principal told Geraghty that she would have to put those beliefs aside and participate in her students’ social transitions. School district officials told Geraghty that “if she would not participate in the students’ social transitions, she must resign immediately,” according to Alliance Defending Freedom. 

“Geraghty said that she believed forcing her to resign violated her rights under the First Amendment, but the principal reiterated his stance that, as a public servant, she must ‘set [her] religious convictions aside,’ and that if she was unable to do so, she had no choice but to resign.”

Geraghty was ordered to draft a letter of resignation and resign immediately. 

“Jackson Local School District officials require their teachers to immediately and personally validate a child’s gender transition even if doing so violates their religious beliefs, conscience, or sound judgment,” Tyson Langhofer, a senior counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom, said in a prepared statement. 

Geraghty “treated every student with equality and respect,” Langhofer said, “and it was unlawful for school officials to terminate her employment simply because she wanted to avoid using her voice to validate ideas that violate her faith and jeopardize her students’ well-being.”

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