Outdoor Game Review: Spyra Two Water Blaster

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I grew up in West-Central Pennsylvania. While the summers are not as hot there as they are down south, it gets quite warm and sticky up here. One of the best ways to keep cool in the hot summer sun was to have a good ole water battle in the yard. Even though the goal was to cool down, getting wet during your “reload” was always a risk. Everyone wanted to cool down, but everyone wanted to win. Thirty years later, Spyra (a leader in watergun tech) has solved the problem of reload time with their amazing entry into the field, the Sypra Two Water Blaster.


With any projectile toy, you want to look at who it is designed for. The Spyra Two is designed for a slightly older audience than the dollar store water pistols are. With a hefty price tag, however, you get what you pay for. Teens and adults can have a lot of fun with this advancement in water gun technology, bringing the fun back as adults that you had as kids. While kids could technically use it, they should have eye protection on. The longer distance has higher water pressure, so you need to be careful with little ones. (8 of 10).


Opening the box, a 50 page manual for a water gun can be a little bit daunting. However, once you skim it, you realize that a lot of it is language and details. The unit itself is quite comprehensive. From the charging port and “on” button on the pistol grip to the tactical indicator, to the “max submersion” line, this gun pretty much walks you through its usage. This means anyone can pick it up and use it, which could be a little “wet” if you are on the receiving end of the blast. 7 of 10


In this category, hands down this is one of the best water guns on the market. The only comparable water blaster for range would be the long range super soakers, which generally cost nearly twice as much. What makes the Spyra Two vastly superior is the ballistics of the water shot. To hit a long distance target (50 feet) with a super soaker, you had to aim in a massive arc. The Spyra Two allows for you to aim the blaster, which makes you more accurate. 10 of 10.

Tactical Advantage

As noted, one of the greatest problems in water battles is the time you take to reload. This is when you friends can soak you and there is nothing you can really do. With the automatic reload technology (and the tactical display) you can always be on the way back to base when you get low on water. Further, the reload is just a few seconds, not like trying to get the hose to hit the hole while being blasted by your friends. 8 of 10.

Cool Factor

Can a water blaster have a cool factor? Well, yes, it can. The Spyra Two has an awesome design. It fits well for adults and for teens to either shoulder the blaster or hold it pistol-style. While it is a little heavier than other water guns, this should not have a major effect on your game. The unit is not submersible (at least we are assuming that from the “max fill line”) so it is not a pool unit. Unless you are planning on an aquatic ambush out of the pool, this is the coolest water gun on the market right now. 8 of 10.


Every once in a while, a market needs a big change. The water gun market had been stagnant since the 1990s. The Spyra Two was a needed advancement that brings the fun and adventure of outdoors back to childhood. If you ask me whether I would like to see kids playing with water guns or playing “Call of Duty,” water guns have the vote hands down. No violence, just good clean (well, not always clean when it is muddy) fun. In an era where kids (including teens) need to be kids and adults need a change to interact with each other, the Spyra Two is a much-needed outdoor activity that can bring people together. 41/50

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