If Title 42 Ends, Biden’s Broken Border Will Only Get Worse

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Open-borders activists may construe immigration laws to fit their agendas, but those who see the need for a secure border work to uphold those laws.

One regulation that finds itself caught in partisan crosshairs is Title 42, a COVID-19 public health authority used to swiftly turn back migrants at the southern border that, if ended, will further erode our nation’s border and sovereignty. 

Title 42 has allowed Customs and Border Protection agents to expel 40% of migrants they encountered at the border, reducing the time spent processing them.

When CBP agents are actually allowed to do their jobs, they begin to shift their focus to patrolling the border.  Hyperfocusing on the current catch-and-release method has proved to be an ineffective use of the agents’ expertise and time. 

U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan recently struck down the use of Title 42 on the grounds that it is “an abuse of discretion.” As a result of that ruling, unless it’s overturned on appeal, expulsions of those crossing our border and seeking asylum will no longer take place after Dec. 21.  

In opposition to this discretionary abuse of judicial power, 15 states have asked to keep the measure in place due to the strain it will place on CBP agents and the nation if Title 42 is terminated.  

CBP agents, in their attempts to stop “got-aways” and drug trafficking, are already strained and stretched thin. The lifting of Title 42 will only exacerbate the border crisis.  

Laredo, Texas, is one example of a town that bears the brunt of President Joe Biden’s border negligence. Residents are forced to live among criminals who frequently attempt to cross through, and congregate in, their hometown.  

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CBP agents recently were able to close down two “stash houses” in Laredo where got-aways congregated, resulting in the apprehension of several individuals.  

Also worth noting is the recent apprehension of Juan Antonio Gonzalez-Castro in Laredo.  

The 23-year-old Mexican has an extensive criminal history and is a current member of the Paisa gang. Although that gang isn’t as notorious as others such as MS-13, it consists of inmates from Mexico and has its own history.  

One example of the gang’s violence was the riot at the Adams County Correctional Center in Mississippi, an event that involved assaulting prison staff, taking hostages, stealing and destroying prison property, and the death of one correctional officer.

Although these are two prime examples of violent, but avoidable crimes, leftist open-borders activists adamantly dismiss such instances as nothing more than conservative fearmongering tactics rooted in racism and xenophobia.  

The left opts to paint a picture of women carrying children crossing the border, patiently and comfortably waiting in Biden’s hospitality camps until they can get processed into their new nation.  

In reality, many of those caught trying to cross the border are criminals. Last year alone, there were more than 30,000 encounters with immigrants who had previous criminal records.  

In a House Homeland Security Committee hearing last month, Rep. Dan Bishop, R-N.C., grilled Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas about whether our southern border is “secure.” Mayorkas responded, “Yes, and we are working day in and day out to enhance security, congressman.”  

The DHS recently began deploying air marshals to the southern border to help CBP agents combat the surge of more than 2.3 million encounters with illegals they have had this year.

David Londo, president of the Air Marshal National Council, has expressed deep concern about the DHS’ commands:

Your policy of forcing [federal air marshals] to deploy to the southern border is extremely concerning, given the time of year and the recent incidents of violence on American flagged aircraft. As it stands today, we believe that many [marshals] will refuse to deploy, believing the order is reckless and leaving our country vulnerable to attack.

By robbing Peter to pay Paul, the Biden administration has attempted to respond to the border crisis by creating another national security concern. According to Londo, 99% of commercial airline flights would have no form of federal protection. That has decreased morale among air marshals dramatically.

While deploying air marshals might alleviate the burden placed on CBP agents to some extent, it’s at best a band-aid solution to a nationwide security concern—and one that will only get worse as enforcement of Title 42 comes to an end.  

As the state of the southern border stands now, it’s safe to assume that the crisis will worsen exponentially unless and until the Biden administration begins taking it seriously and acting accordingly. Congressional leaders must demand that it do so.

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