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Get Trump

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This is still America, not Stalinist Russia, which means people who try to persecute their political enemies will eventually get their comeuppance.  The fifth Twitter file release showed Twitter employees demanded former President Trump be banned from the platform even though the team assigned to evaluate his tweets didn’t believe he had violated any policies.   Yesterday, Elon Musk disbanded the group of outside advisors formed to moderate content on the platform.

I have every faith that our corrupt Justice Department and FBI will eventually get their comeuppance, too.  Lying to the FISA court to get Trump, really?  They’re still after Trump, now with a special counsel assigned to investigate efforts by Trump and some of his supporters to contest the results of the 2020 election.  The inquiry has all the hallmarks of a partisan witch hunt.  The counsel’s name is Jack Smith and his mother-in-law was a George Soros senior fellow at the Soros-funded Open Society Foundation.  It is not disputed George Soros is a far-left operative who has funded all manner of chaos and disruption in recent years, including the many Soros-funded progressive prosecutors across the country who refuse to follow the law.

Jack Smith’s wife is a high-dollar donor to Joe Biden’s campaign and other Democrat-related causes, like Rashida Tlaib.  The wife also produced a fawning documentary on Michelle Obama – her life, hopes, and book tour – a documentary Michelle Obama said she was excited about.

When Jack Smith was chief of the Public Integrity Section at the Justice Department, he arranged a meeting with Lois Lerner at the IRS to discuss how they could charge Tea Parties and other groups on the Right with conspiracy to violate U.S. laws.  Lois Lerner, you might recall, spearheaded the effort to block conservative nonprofits and criminalize political dissent.  Who better than Jack Smith to head up current efforts to persecute the Biden administration’s political enemies?  In appointing Smith as special counsel, Attorney General Merrick Garland made a point of saying Donald Trump had just declared his candidacy for the 2024 election.

This is the same Justice Department that issued a subpoena for five years of records from a conservative group in Alabama that opposes sex-change treatments for minors.  The same Justice Department who intervened to get a light sentence of little more than a year for the left-wing terrorist lawyer who firebombed a police car in New York during a riot when sentencing guidelines called for ten years imprisonment.  Reward your friends, punish your enemies.  The Justice Department’s FBI is busy purging conservative agents from its ranks.

The desire to persecute political enemies extends beyond the old Twitter and the Justice Department, reaching into other corners of Democrat World.  In September, it was reported the U.S. Postal Service was monitoring social media posts to gather intelligence about any plans to protest against Joe Biden.  This is the same Postal Service whose unions endorsed Biden in the 2020 election and actually helped Hillary Clinton’s candidacy in 2016.  Speaking of social media, Facebook has been spying on private messages and reporting people who question the legitimacy of the 2020 election to the FBI.  The FBI used the information to try to gin up more phony domestic terrorism cases against people on the Right, but it didn’t work and ended up being a waste of time.

Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island wrote to the IRS insisting they use their 87,000 new IRS agents to investigate conservative groups and revoke their tax exemptions.  In the correspondence, Whitehouse only mentioned groups on the Right, his political enemies, not the abundance of dark money groups and documented tax exemption abusers on the Left.

The open persecution of political enemies indicates the authoritarian Left thinks it has won and only needs to mop up.  But I’m sitting here looking at former Twitter executives getting exposed daily and a robust media ecosphere on the Right that reported all the stories I told you about today.  So, to the Left I say, you are completely delusional.  You’re not even close to winning.  Not only that, you are going to get exactly what you deserve for trying to silence people like me and criminalize the actions of people who oppose you.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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