STEVE EINHORN: Climate Activists Are Winning The Debate. Here’s What To Do About It

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Let’s give the climate activists credit: They are winning today’s climate debate. I know this is true because I just spoke to 50 brilliant 17-year-olds, students who beat 4000 other students to receive important college scholarships and 90% believed that global warming and climate change are major problems.

This is not surprising since almost the entire U.S. government, universities, major newspapers and social media daily promote the impending climate disaster and suppress disagreements as misinformation and climate denial.

These successful strategies are designed to confuse and mislead us; and include mischaracterizing consensus as science, using false and selective facts, bad assumptions, language distortion, hiding mistakes, controlling funding, scaring people, censorship, and intimidation. If you think of other tactics, feel free to contact me.

But those of us that follow the science know that recently the earth has not become warmer, the rise in sea levels has not accelerated, there are no more hurricanes, tornadoes, forest fires than in the last century, and animals are not becoming extinct at an increasing rate.

But how do we get this message across? Let me suggest one way is to talk one-on-one with people; ask a few questions and provide some factual scientific information.

For example, ask a friend if they know what was the warmest year during the past 10 years. The correct answer is 2016. Since the last five years have been cooler, why should the next 25 years result in a heat catastrophe?

And why don’t you and almost all Americans know about this global cooling? The U.S. government, (the NOAA and NASA) have studies that prove this. When I last searched Google, the almost correct answer was on page nine, where there was a NASA claim that 2020 was tied with 2016 (even though NASA studies proved that 2016 was a bit warmer).

Perhaps the most frightening claim by the climate alarmists is that the rise in sea levels is accelerating and will cause millions or billions of eco-refugees to flee from coastal cities. The UN IPCC studies conclude that yearly the sea level rise has accelerated about three times since 1900 and is expected to accelerate another three times by 2100.

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The problem with the IPCC claimed science is that nowhere on earth has this happened; and, if you examine the U.S. Government’s historic studies (NOAA and NASA) of sea levels, you will find that the largest seven seacoast cities in the world (Tokyo, Mumbai, New York City, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Calcutta and Buenos Aires) have each increased at a steady rate for 100 years. There has been no acceleration and the sea level rise has been minimal. For example, during the past 100 years, the sea level in Los Angeles has risen about four inches and New York about 12 inches.

The climate activists’ predictions of future climate disaster have proven to be totally false. For example, Al Gore predicted in 2007 that there would likely be a 20-foot sea rise in the “Near Future.”

The actual sea rise during the past 15 years has been two inches.

I recommend you get your friends to join the consensus of people and scientists who know what is actually happening. Help them to understand that there is no impending climate disaster since the Earth has been cooler recently and the sea levels show no indication of accelerating. This is the historical, empirical science.

Steve Einhorn is General Partner of Capital Midwest Fund and has written a book, “Climate Change: What they Rarely Teach in College.” He enjoys feedback so please reach him at

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Content created by The Daily Caller News Foundation is available without charge to any eligible news publisher that can provide a large audience. For licensing opportunities of our original content, please contact

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