How to Cheat in the Next Election

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It’s amazing how many ways Democrats have come up with to cheat in elections.

Ballot harvesters were caught on video stuffing drop boxes with stacks of ballots in Arizona, where ballot harvesting is illegal.  It’s legal in Pennsylvania where Democrat election officials voted to allow harvesting of a hundred votes at a time in nursing homes.  It may be legal, but I still call it cheating because Democrats have a long history of committing voter fraud in nursing homes where many residents are no longer compos mentis.

One reason ballot harvesting is a bad idea is that it allows cheaters to pay people for their votes.  A Texas man admitted a Democrat nominee paid him $200 for every fraudulent absentee ballot he could deliver in the 2016 election.

A Democrat poll worker in Indiana told voters how to vote and even pressed “straight Democrat” on a machine for one of them.

A group of unidentified men in black threw an independent poll challenger out of the big voting center in Detroit in the August primary for asking why a voting machine was apparently connected to the Internet.  A court subsequently ruled the Secretary of State did not have authority to issue rules to allow poll challengers to be thrown out for asking too many questions.

Elections officials in St. Louis told volunteer poll workers not to enforce the state’s new photo ID law.

So excuse me for not taking Democrat election ‘reforms’ – so-called – at face value.  The only reason Democrats want mail-in voting and refuse to clean the voter rolls is so they can cheat.

Voting by mail is a mess.  Some ballots end up on the ground, others are sent to vacant lots.  The number returned as undeliverable can run into the tens of thousands in any given county.

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Because Democrats refuse to clean the voter rolls in many areas, ballots are sent to dead voters, people are sent duplicate ballots, and ballots are mailed to people who have moved away.  Pennsylvania sent 240,000 ballots to voters for the 2022 election without verifying their identity.  Michigan had 26,000 dead voters on the rolls last year.  Minnesota had over 500 duplicates.

Why does it matter?  Because you have to have dirty voter rolls to cheat.  First, you have to grab a bunch of ballots floating around from mail-in voting, for example.  But then you have to match up your fraudulently cast ballots with records of voters still on the rolls who are not going to vote this time, like dead people.  You can’t do that very easily if the voter rolls are cleaned up.

Among other efforts to clean up voter rolls, there is a team working to identify phantom names and incorrect addresses on the rolls in Wisconsin and about 20 other states.  This team is using fractal programming technology which starts with small batches but can be scaled up to millions of records quickly and inexpensively.  The team will eventually be working in all 50 states.

It’s citizen-led efforts like this that will make cheating much harder and restore confidence in our elections, once again.

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