Who Is More Senile Than Joe Biden? One Guy Comes Close…

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By most fair accounts, Joe Biden lives in Loonyville. The guy doesn’t know who is alive or dead, makes up facts (probably actual events to his fever swamp of a mind), and can hardly put together a clear sentence.

His judgment and reasoning are clearly in question because he makes assertions that are not in the realm of reality and lashes out at those who challenge those assertions. This is an indication of a severely compromised mental state, right? Well, Biden is not the only former contender in the 2020 presidential general election who is out to lunch.

In fact, a fair question must be posed before it’s too late for the Republican Party: Who is drool bucket crazier, Biden or Trump? The contest is a close one.

I can hear the rubes, populists, hayseeds, and pitchfork masses now, “TDS! Commie bastard! Elitist!” Okay, guilty on the last count.

But what kind of sanity does it show to go out of your way, in a display of pathological self-obsession, to try and tank your own party’s chances in the Senate?

For not content with costing the Republicans and America control of the Senate by his buttinski meddling in the 2021 Georgia US Senate runoffs, Trump is now going Arizona Republican US Senate nominee Blake Masters. Why? Because the candidate would not indulge in fantasy in a debate with Dem incumbent Mark Kelly and say the 2020 election was rigged.

Yup, he’s doing it again. Trump is compulsively putting his petty self-admiration over the interests of the country.

Trump knows Senate control is hanging by a thread for the Republicans. One seat could swing it red or blue. But regardless, he latches on to yesterday’s news, his own super needy ego, and a delusional focus on one issue in lieu of stopping the Biden agenda.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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He’s like a political Alzheimer’s patient who has forgotten everything except one murky claim and puts it above all others, no matter the importance or gravity of other issues. Senility, anyone?

You’d think 2024 candidate Trump, and that move looks likely, would want Arizona to go red in the Senate so Trump himself could take proxy credit. Given that Masters is a big fan of the 45th president, Trump could do that if Masters wins.

But no, like a mentally over the hill dog with a bone, he just won’t let go. If Masters loses, like Perdue and Loeffler lost after Trump undermined them in 2021, Trump will merely go on his merry way to his next candidacy.

If the nation suffers under continued Dem rule of the Senate, does Trump care? Apparently not. Or perhaps Trump wants America to fall further so he has better talking points in 2024.

Either way, Trump’s actions in Arizona are not the machinations of a well man. He may not be as senile as Joe Biden. But his overweening ego is so preposterous, so inner-directed, so dismissive of the interests of this country, that he is willing to hurt Republican Senate chances if they come into conflict with his own bizarre notions of personal grievance.

Now and in 2024, the Republican Party and America can do better than obsessive (and approaching Biden levels of senility) Donald Trump.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on October 27, 2022. It originally appeared in SteveGruber.com and is used by permission.

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