The Democrat Fascination with Violence

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Somebody recently put together a montage of prominent Democrats accusing 80 million Trump supporters of being violent and going on to justify violence against them.  Republicans want to “overthrow the U.S. government,” “enact their political will through violence,” and ‘turn violent when they don’t get their way.’  These “Nazis” and “fascists” – or is it “semi-fascists”? – are “a danger to our way of life.”  “This means war,” these Democrats say.  “Civil war has already begun.” “We have to kill and confront that movement.”  This is a “call to arms”, echoing the call to arms by Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot in May.  Rise up and “fight to victory,” she said, no surrender.

The idea that Republicans are violent is just liberal projection – Democrats are accusing Republicans of what Democrats do – and have done historically, as we shall see in a moment – and of what is in Democrat hearts.  Two recent cases in point:  A North Dakota man struck and killed a teenager with his vehicle, because the man believed the teen was a member of a “Republican extremist group.”  This politically motivated murder took place two weeks after Democrat Joe Biden delivered his infamous speech at Independence Hall calling his political opposition enemies of the state and a clear and present danger.  In the other case, a Michigan man admitted to shooting a tiny 84-year-old woman in the back who was out campaigning against a proposal that would legalize abortion up to birth in the state.  The shooting was an accident, he says, but his wife is a left-wing abortion activist who threatens conservatives on social media, which begs the question: why did the man pull a gun at all?  And let’s not forget the 29 acts of arson and vandalism against pregnancy centers and churches since Roe v. Wade was overturned, none of which have been punished or even investigated by the Democrat-controlled Justice Department.

But there’s more.  Also in Michigan, another man threatened to shoot a Republican worker in front of a local GOP headquarters on election day, and also threatened to shoot up the whole place.  And who could forget the deranged leftists who shot up Republican congressmen on a baseball field in 2017 and a security guard at the Family Research Council in 2013.

But Democrats have always been this way.  The KKK has been called the armed wing of the Democrat Party.  The same label has more recently been applied to Antifa, whose specialty is training their members to gouge people’s eyes out.  Gee, leftists turn violent when they don’t get their way.  What is more, the anarcho-communists of Antifa and the trained Marxists of Black Lives Matter have declared war on the system, attacked federal buildings to overthrow the U.S. government, and are certainly a danger to our way of life – throwing the Democrats’ words right back at them – yet Democrat politicians and federal authorities – also Democrats – refuse to bring them to justice.   Joe Biden and other Democrats dismiss Antifa as ‘just an idea’.  Let me ask you a question:  what other ‘idea’ has burned down entire cities in recent memory?

What you must understand is that none of this is an accident.  Left-wing communist and socialist parties around the world have had armed wings operating on their behalf – in the Philippines, in China and Colombia and, among other places, Italy, Germany, and India.  Italy is of special note because the armed wing of the Left is known as the ‘Red Guards’.  Red Guard groups have been active in Austin and other American cities.

So, if you want to know where political violence is likely to come from in America in the future, look no further than the Democrat Party, its prominent members who threaten violence, and its armed supporters and paramilitary groups who practice it.  As I’ve mentioned in previous commentaries, the FBI and Justice Department have to cook up phony domestic terrorism cases, call ordinary parents ‘domestic terrorists’, and spin phony narratives about how January 6th somehow represents a broad crisis of right-wing extremism in the country.  But there’s nothing phony about the riots of 2020, the 2,000 police officers who were injured in that spasm of left-wing violence, or the dozens of acts of violence against pro-lifers and pregnancy centers more recently.  It’s the Left and its supporters in the Democrat Party and the federal government – not the Right – that we have to worry about.  I don’t know about you, but I’m nervous about what Democrats will do the next time they don’t get their way.

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