EP 150 | Racial Preferences In The U.S. Armed Forces Damage National Security

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Friends we’re going to the Supreme Court again to fight against racism and support national security. The case is Students for Fair Admissions versus Harvard and the University of North Carolina to end their use of racial preferences, which is clear racism in my opinion. In cases like this previously, and in this case, a group representing high ranking national security officials has filed Amici briefs supporting these racial preferences and the Court has agreed with them. How do they do it? Without rigorous supporting evidence they have convinced the court these racist policies are necessary, being “critical to the Armed Forces’ ability to defend our Nation’s security.” Surprisingly, no other veterans have challenged these assertions until now. I am proud to say I am a member of Veterans for Fairness and Merit (VFM), the group challenging this assertion and tell the court the truth. VFM is a veterans’ organization that advocates for equal opportunity in the U.S. armed forces—that is, race-neutral, exclusively merit-based military officer accession, assignment, and promotion policies. VFM is an apolitical, non-profit, veterans’ organization, over 80% of whose 627 members are combat experienced with 934 combat tours, with participants in every armed conflict in which the U.S. has engaged, from Korea to Afghanistan, as well as clandestine operations of various types. VFM members, both officer and enlisted, from every military branch, served at every level on and off the battlefield, in the air, and at sea, including every level of ground, sea and air combat leadership (476 total combat leader positions) from rifle team leader to corps commander. They commanded carrier battle groups, submarine and surface force fleets; commanded supercarriers, nuclear submarines, destroyers, missile units, fighter and bomber squadrons and wings; and commanded special operations organizations. The President of Veterans for Fairness and Merit Scott McQuarrie, a West Point graduate, former infantry officer, and attorney is my guest today to go in-depth on the case.

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