So Many Imperfect Humans, So Little Time

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Among the smooth assurances advocates gave us when passing assisted suicide laws was the idea there would be safeguards built into the laws so assisted suicide would only occur when the requirements of law were met.  Hah! What a bunch of bunk, as we now know.  A doctor who advocates euthanasia just admitted in a journal article that safeguards fail.  “(S)afeguards will never be perfect,” he wrote.  “All laws about anything result in some instances in which the outcome is other than what the law intends.”  Too bad that, when something other than what an assisted suicide law intends happens, it means that someone is dead who shouldn’t be.

This doctor was writing rather abstractly, but Belgium shows you exactly what happens when the safeguards in assisted death laws fail.  One safeguard is that the person is supposed to ask for assisted death.  In Belgium in just one year, over a thousand assisted deaths were done without explicit request.  Another safeguard is that assisted deaths would be reported, so the government could keep tabs on what was happening and dial restrictions up as needed.  Another bad joke.  In Belgium that year, almost half of assisted deaths were not reported.

Hidden agendas thrive in darkness.  And here, the authoritarian Left is getting its way.  More people are dying from assisted suicide and euthanasia than ever before.  Assisted death numbers continue to climb in places where such laws have been passed, regardless of safeguards, including the NetherlandsLuxembourgVictoria Australia, and Oregon.  Assisted deaths were up 36 percent in Ontario in a recent one-year period and 32 percent in Canada overall in 2021 over the previous year.

Canada is of interest because it’s out in front on this issue in many ways and what’s happening there is downright disturbing.  Vulnerable populations are being deliberately targeted and pushed into assisted death – people who are less able to protect themselves from outside pressure, like veterans with PTSD, people with dementia, the mentally illchildren, the disabled, and the poor.  In Australia, it’s the elderly.  In Belgium, it’s infants.  Gee, get rid of all these groups and we just might end up with a super-race. Sieg Heil!

It’s no accident the early Progressives and the National Socialists in Germany were all in for eugenics to create the perfect super-race.  There’s a straight line from eugenics to the authoritarian Left’s preoccupation with assisted suicide and euthanasia today.  But a funny thing happened on the way to Utopia.  We ended up in a very sick place, instead.  The Hitlerian doctrine of some lives being unworthy of life holds sway.  We’re making the short jump from ‘the government needs to save money on social spending’ to a shift in societal attitudes that actively demonizes and targets the vulnerable.  Once these demons are let loose, they cannot be controlled.  We’ll end up like that psychology experiment at Stanford where ordinary people assigned to prison guard roles became unbearably authoritarian and cruel in a matter of days – except it will be real life, not just an experiment, and there will be no escape.

In the authoritarian Left’s drive to save humanity from itself, there eventually won’t be a shred of humanity left.  As someone I know put it:

  • Here’s my thought on assisted suicide:  in a world without disabled people, and terminally Ill people, how do humans learn true compassion and empathy?  (No church needed for those qualities) And for those who believe in the grace of God, where does one get the special grace that comes from caring for those who suffer?

So no matter what you thought of assisted suicide when it was sold through the siren songs of safeguards, personal autonomy, and compassion, it’s time to rethink your position.  How can you continue supporting the monsters on the authoritarian Left now that you see the implications?  Right now, they’re targeting less than perfect humans.  One day, they will come for you.  It’s another short jump from government-assisted suicide to government-directed death and, when that day comes, your ‘personal autonomy’ won’t mean a thing.

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