Kayleigh McEnany Torches Kamala Harris For Border Claim – ‘Total Insult To Americans’

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Kayleigh McEnany, the former White House press secretary of Donald Trump, is speaking out to slam Vice President Kamala Harris for refusing to admit that the Southern border is a mess.

During an interview with “Meet The Press” that aired on Sunday, which was the 21st anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, Harris outrageously twice claimed that the border is “secure.”

“I think that there is no question that we have to do what the president and I asked Congress to do, the first request we made: pass a bill to create a pathway to citizenship,” Harris said. “The border is secure, but we also have a broken immigration system, in particular, over the last four years before we came in, and it needs to be fixed.”

Chuck Todd pushed back by asking, “We’re going to have two million people cross this border for the first time ever. You’re confident this border’s secure?”

“We have a secure border in that that is a priority for any nation, including ours and our administration,” Harris replied. “But there are still a lot of problems that we are trying to fix given the deterioration that happened over the last four years. We also have to put into place a law and a plan for a pathway for citizenship for the millions of people who are here and are prepared to do what is legally required to gain citizenship.”

This did not sit well with McEnany, who fired back on her Fox News show “Outnumbered.”

“What a total insult to the American citizen,” McEnany said. “Saying the border is secure is like being in the middle of a category-five hurricane, the wind is whipping around you, the rain is coming on your face, the sky is pitch black. But you say, ‘Kamala Harris, it’s sunny out.’ Okay. We know it’s not sunny out. We know we’re in the middle of a raging hurricane.”

“Ask yourself, does this sound secure when you have 2 million encounters on the southern border in this fiscal year?” she added. “That is two times the last administration when fentanyl is pouring across the southern border. In fact, that Wall Street Journal explosive piece we went through two weeks ago, how two Mexican drug cartels came to dominate America’s fentanyl supply.”

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“It’s coming from Mexico,” McEnany concluded. “There were 685 migrant deaths this year. That is double once again, the last administration, not to mention the terror watch list where we have nearly 60 people who have crossed and who are on the terror watch list. Does this sound secure to you? I do not think so. We are in a hurricane right now. It is not sunny out and the American voter will have their die to cast in November on this issue. ”

One Border Patrol agent also contradicted Harris’ claims that the border is secure in a Fox News interview on Tuesday.

“Well since we have apprehended over 2 million aliens so far this year, which is a record, and the year is not over and we set a single day apprehension record just last week I believe, that does not exactly scream that our borders are secure,” the agent said. “It was over 8k aliens for one day. That’s what we caught, not what we did not see or the gotaways.”

“This quote is more of the same old word salad responses that this vice president gives,” another border agent stated. “She may be more delusional than [Karine Jean-Pierre]! In my 13 years the border was never more secure than it was after President Trump finally had his policies put in place. The root cause of this invasion is this administration and handing out undeserved citizenship will continue to call in more illegal aliens, terrorists and MS-13 gang members.”

Harris can claim all she wants to that the border is secure, but the American people aren’t buying it. In the end, we just aren’t nearly as dumb as she thinks we are.

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