Election Fraud: The Jig Is Up

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There’s so much Democrats believe about elections that just ain’t so.  They yap all the time about election deniers, but never seem to worry about the election deniers in their own party.  The list of Democrat election deniers includes Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Stacey Abrams, Al Gore, Senator Patty Murray, and countless others who questioned election results.  One journalist compiled a list of 82 Democrat election deniers.  Republican researchers found 150.  So spare me the phony narrative about Republicans being election deniers.

And spare me the whole mythology Democrats have built up that election integrity laws are Republican attempts to suppress the vote.  The fact of the matter is election integrity laws were passed in 2021 in Arizona, Georgia, Texas, Florida, and Iowa.  Voter turnout went UP, not down, in all five states in subsequent elections compared to 2018.

The Democrats are bitter clingers when it comes to election denier and voter suppression mythology.  This whole charade is meant to deflect attention away from Democrat attempts to rig elections.  The Democrat Secretary of State in Michigan is in court trying to keep dead people on the voter rolls.  You gotta ask yourself why she would want to do that.  Because it makes it easier to steal elections.  When the votes are counted, you have to match up fraudulent votes for Democrat candidates with records of voters who haven’t voted.  The dirtier the voter rolls are, the easier it is to find people who haven’t voted – like dead people.  The easier it is to commit election fraud.

But ordinary people have had enough of Democrat cheating.  Ordinary people just want free and fair elections back, and they’re working hard to achieve it.

One group discovered how easy it is to forge signatures on mail-in ballots. Just circulate a petition – ‘Mr. President, Save the Whales’ – scan the signatures, and drop them into real mail-in ballots you grabbed from apartment buildings or got from your Democrat buddies who work for the Post Office.  Automate the process and, viola!, you have thousands of fake ballots you can drop into any old drop box, which the Democrats justified creating in the name of preventing COVID transmission  but, somehow, we still have.  When the people who signed the petition go to vote, they’ll be told they already voted.  Folks, that’s how easy it is to steal your vote and how loose the Democrats want our elections to be.

A citizens group in Florida examined voter rolls and found thousands of instances where people did not live at the stated address, many addresses that weren’t residences, and hundreds of dead people on the rolls.

An activist in Wisconsin brought a criminal complaint against a Milwaukee election official for setting up a tent in a back alley to accept ballots from cars, no questions asked and no poll watchers present.

Republican and conservative groups filed suit in Pennsylvania over Democrat counties contacting voters to cure defects in their mail-in ballots in violation of state law.

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After an activist in East Lansing, Michigan found nonexistent addresses, votes from closed college dorms, and other problems with the voter rolls, the County Clerk and willing accomplices in the media tried to discredit the work.  Not a good look, resisting the cleaning of voter rolls.  Don’t you Democrats realize how suspicious you look when you do that?

You also look suspicious when you defy laws that require the appointment of an equal number of Republican and Democrat poll workers.  Kalamazoo hired 132 Democrats but only 60 Republicans for the August primary despite more than enough Republican names being submitted for consideration.  In Flint, the ratio was even worse. [details here]

Connect the dots and the picture is unmistakably clear: Democrats try to rig the game and steal elections.  So forgive me when I look at Democrat election so-called ‘reform’ proposals and see attempts to rig elections on steroids.  One proposal – recently rejected by the Arizona Supreme Court for failing to collect enough signatures to put it on the ballot – would have gutted voter ID, eliminated safeguards against noncitizen voting, removed constraints on mail-in balloting, and facilitated vote trafficking by political operatives.  A similar super-scam is pending in Michigan.

The Democrats, predictably, claimed the Arizona court was “suppressing democracy”.  That’s all the Democrats have – empty rhetoric.  But the jig is up.  We see right through you.  And we’ll go right on challenging election results and passing election integrity laws until every election in this country is free and fair, again.

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