DeSantis Airlines Flies Unfriendly Skies

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If Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ flying illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard was a political stunt, it sure worked.  Finally, the country is buzzing about illegal immigration, and Joe Biden’s open borders policies are getting the attention they deserve.  But left-wing activists and their willing accomplices in the press hate DeSantis for it, and are launching Stinger missiles – including a class action lawsuit alleging misrepresentation – into his operation.

DeSantis’ flights are meant to draw attention to the ruinous consequences of Biden’s open borders policies: chaos at the border, fentanyl deaths, and a growing terrorist threat chief among them.

Biden’s border chaos continues.  The border patrol reports it has encountered more than two million illegal aliens so far this fiscal year, a record number.  That’s 8,000 encounters a day, the highest ever.  That doesn’t even count the ‘got-aways’.  All these people are now in the country.  Instead of closing the border, Kamala Harris wants to reward these law-breakers with a pathway to citizenship.  Two more Texas counties responded to the border chaos by declaring it an “invasion” – bringing the total to 29 – and Texas Governor Greg Abbott has just designated Mexican cartels as terrorist organizations.

Speaking of terrorists, Venezuelan paramilitary personnel are embedding themselves into north-bound caravans and organizing into cell structures led by unit commanders once inside the United States.  So it appears Latin American socialists are not done exporting revolution just yet.  On top of that, an Inspector General report found the Biden administration let Afghan evacuees into the country who were not properly vetted, some of whom are national security risks.  Oh, Joe, what have you done.

As for fentanyl, Florida authorities seized enough fentanyl to kill four million people.  The fentanyl was routed through California, but there was enough left there to kill a girl who died at school and cause six other students to overdose.  Record amounts of fentanyl and meth are being seized in Texas and Arizona.  Oh Joe, what have you done.

Arizona authorities have lost track of 550 alien children.  It is feared many of the missing children are now victims of sex trafficking.  Almost 750 illegal aliens have died trying to cross the southern border this fiscal year.  Texas morgues are ordering more refrigerators to keep up with the flow of dead bodies.  Oh Joe, what have you done.

Double down, that’s what he’s done.  In previous commentaries, I’ve given you more than two dozen policy changes the Biden administration has made to open the border.  Here are two more to add to the list:  prohibiting the use of GPS technology to track the whereabouts of illegal aliens released into the U.S., and allowing illegal aliens to receive food stamps, Medicaid, and housing benefits without being barred from permanent admission as a public charge.   Also, an Inspector General report indicated the administration is doing a bad job screening visa applications in foreign countries and cannot certify applicants are properly vetted.

In previous commentaries, I’ve listed various theories that could account for why Biden wants the border open: replacing the present population and getting a permanent political majority for the Democrats.  Here’s one more to add to the mix: Miss Venezuela 1984, now in the United States, warns an open border is prelude to a left-wing authoritarian takeover.  It happened in Venezuela before Chavez took power, and it could happen here.  If that sounds far-fetched, consider this.  DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, an open borders crazy, met with George Soros-funded groups during a trip to the border last year, according to government records.  Wouldn’t you like to know what they discussed?  Is it possible the Biden administration is in touch with socialist revolutionaries from Venezuela now in the United States to start the preparation for a left-wing authoritarian takeover?  Are they here to disrupt the November elections and provoke a national emergency so the elections can be canceled?  If not, what ARE they here for?  Explain it to me.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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But if you start asking questions like these, be prepared to fly some unfriendly skies.

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