Border News: Building the Case for Impeachment

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A new report shows the Biden administration has allowed one million illegal aliens into the country since taking office.  That doesn’t even count another estimated one million who got in without being caught or as unaccompanied minors.

But the administration recently told us not to believe our own lyin’ eyes – illegal aliens aren’t just walking across the border, the White House says, even though there’s video footage showing them doing exactly that.  The gaslighting is not appreciated.

Nor are the continued policy changes the Biden administration keeps making to open the border further.  The latest is the administration’s announcement it will reimburse El Paso for the cost of sending illegal aliens to New York City on buses.  Come on down, get your free bus ticket here!

And new details have been released on the administration’s plan to give illegal aliens identification cards.  It’s supposedly a pilot program expected to begin in March and cost a couple million dollars, but there is already talk of expanding the program later.  This shows the administration’s priority is to open the border further, not defend it against invaders who break our laws to get in.

Meanwhile, there are fresh reports of the problems Biden’s border policies are causing.  It’s a familiar litany by now, starting with national security threats and drug trafficking.  An investigation into passport fraud turned up nearly 30,000 Mexican passport holders with Middle Eastern names, raising fears Islamic terrorist groups are taking advantage of the chaos at the border Biden has caused to slip through without a close look.  In addition, the Biden administration is still letting Afghan evacuees into the country without fully vetting them and admits it doesn’t know where they are.  Dozens were flagged after entry as security risks, but good luck finding them now.

As for drugs, rainbow fentanyl pills made to look like candy to hook children are coming across the border.  You might blame the Chinese Communist Party and Mexican drug cartels for trafficking the pills, but I blame the Biden administration for opening the border and creating the opportunity.

The Biden administration obviously also doesn’t care about the escalating number of migrant deaths its policies are causing.  They’re up more than 50 percent in the last year and are at the highest on record.  Pulling dead kids from the Rio Grande – more video the Biden administration doesn’t want you to see.  Missing children are also just pawns in Biden’s cynical game:  57 illegal alien children have been reported missing in the Houston area since late last year.  Most are missing from the homes of non-parent U.S. sponsors and others ran away from government shelters.

I’ve said many times Biden and his top border officials should be impeached for failing to faithfully execute our nation’s immigration laws.  That will have to wait for Republican control of Congress but, in the meantime, some are fighting back as best they can.  Florida brought a lawsuit on that exact point – failing to execute the laws.  The case is in the discovery phase and border agents are giving details about the crisis at the border and the lives it is putting at risk.  Another lawsuit, brought by ranchers and other plaintiffs, just survived a motion to dismiss.  It challenges Biden border policies for the harmful environmental impacts they’re causing – trashed ranches, farmland loss, reduced biodiversity, and strain on water resources.  Texas is busing illegal aliens to Chicago now, in addition to D.C. and New York.  Chicago is another sanctuary city and now faces the prospect of becoming more dangerous with more illegal aliens showing up at their doorstep. New York is now the most dangerous sanctuary city in the country, according to a new report.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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That’s what you get when you choose party over country, chase the unicorns and rainbows of diversity policy, and decide America is just too guilty to be allowed to continue as is.  If you think that way, fine, let’s open up the border to the whole world as Biden is doing, destroy America starting with your city, and we’ll see how you like what comes next.  How would you like to die – rainbow fentanyl overdose or Islamic terrorist attack?

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