Muriel Bowser, Oh Pobrecito!

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D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser thinks the illegal aliens bused to the nation’s capital from Texas and Arizona are in her city temporarily.  Boy, is she in for a rude awakening.  The aliens have nowhere else to go and say they want to stay.

The aliens are placed in hotels instead of the city’s homeless shelter system.  All they get is a hotel room – which they and their children can’t leave – and three meals a day.  No city services of the kind typically offered to the homeless in D.C.  The new arrivals are not allowed visitors or even to go to each other’s rooms, which is a problem for large families spread across multiple rooms.  They’re not given keys, but have to ask to be let in.  There are no translators and the security guards, who don’t speak Spanish, are aggressive in enforcing the rules, leading to fights.  Welcome to Muriel Bowser’s America.  I can’t wait for the first class-action lawsuit naming her as a defendant.

“The city promotes the narrative that they’re only here temporarily,” a volunteer said.  “However, the families are staying…. They have no contacts in the United States and they have nowhere else to go.”  We can blame the Biden administration for letting them into the country in the first place and the Bowser administration for trying to handle the situation on the cheap.  Her solution?  Keep asking the National Guard to take care of the problem, even though they keep telling her ‘no’.  Oh, pobrecito!  After years of promoting D.C. as a sanctuary city, she just can’t believe Biden’s border problem has landed in her lap and blown up in her face.  Careful what you wish for.

But if she’s looking for sympathy, she won’t find any among mayors of towns along the border.  “If we can do that, they can too,” one mayor, who has had deal with as many as a thousand new arrivals a day, said. “Their numbers [of illegal immigrants] are pretty low. I know they can do it.”  A spokesman for Arizona said the state’s “hospitals, community organizations, [and] nongovernmental organizations are being strained tremendously. So, the goal here is to alleviate the burden for Arizonans.”  Seven more Texas counties just declared an invasion at the southern border, bringing the total to 17.

Bowser shouldn’t look for sympathy in the Biden administration, either.  The administration is still bending over backwards to pack the country with as many illegal aliens as it can.  The latest policy changes opening the border and welcoming illegal aliens include final rules preserving the unconstitutional DACA program.  Why do I say unconstitutional?  Because Barack Obama said many times he didn’t have the authority to create the DACA program, but he did it anyway.  DACA is part of a web of Biden rules intended to cut the number of deportations of illegal aliens as much as possible.

Biden’s relaxed border rules for children have led to a number of older illegal aliens posing as children to avoid expulsion.  Border agents just caught ten in El Paso.  More than 650 have been caught in the El Paso sector in just the last fiscal year, alone.  Agents warn many more pretenders get through because the government does a bad job of screening them at the border.

In previous commentaries, I’ve documented numerous other policy changes the Biden administration has made to open the border.  I love immigration, but I’m not for shredding the Rule of Law in the process.  I’m also on record calling for the impeachment of Joe Biden and his partner in crime DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for refusing to faithfully execute the nation’s immigration laws – laws passed by your duly elected representatives in Congress and signed by former presidents.

So you can criticize me all you want, but let’s see what tune you sing after Texas or the feds send hordes of illegal aliens on buses or midnight flights to your town.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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