Biden Administration Weakening National Security

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The Biden administration is weakening national security in a number of ways.  The first has to do with electromagnetic pulse attacks which could knock out our power grid, resulting in the deaths of tens of millions of people from lack of electricity.  Russia now has a non-nuclear EMP weapon that can be delivered on hypersonic cruise missiles or launched from submarines.  Such weapons can fry our nuclear ICBMs in their silos.  China and North Korea are also developing EMP weapons.  The Biden administration’s response?   Janet Easterly, director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, has said she is not concerned about EMP attacks.

Another concrete indication of the administration’s blasé attitude about national security is the blind-eye the Pentagon has turned to the effect of its Woke policies on military morale and recruitment.  Who in their right mind would sign up to fight and die for such a horrible rotten country, which is how the Pentagon presents America to its troops.  Who, indeed?  The Army will fall 20,000 short of its recruitment goals this fiscal year and things look even worse for next year.   The reasons include the military’s insane COVID vaccine mandate, which some say is a deliberate purge of conservatives from the ranks.  But the reasons also include the Pentagon’s shoving Woke Marxist-derived policies like critical race theory and transgenderism down service members’ throats.

The Biden administration has also been taking a scissors to the terror group list.  Earlier this year, it removed Gamaat Islamiya from the terror list.  The group was led by Omar Abdel-Rahman, the Blind Sheikh whose followers bombed the World Trade Center in 1993.  The administration also removed from the list the Houthis in Yemen, an Iranian-sponsored Jihad group that hopes its missiles will reach New York “in the very near future.”  While we’re on the subject of terrorism, it is undisputed illegal aliens on the terrorist watch list are coming across the southern border, a border made porous by Joe Biden’s open borders policies as I’ve documented in many previous commentaries.

The Senate Armed Services Committee found Biden’s proposed defense budget inadequate for the second year in a row.  The Committee added $45 billion for, among other things, more weapons to deter Russia and China.  Meanwhile, the Navy’s current plans call for the number of ships to shrink from 300 to 280 by 2027.  And an Army general warned Congress America is not ready for chemical and biological attacks.  The food supply is especially at risk.  Animal pathogens could be targeted at America, producing food insecurity in the United States.

Experts also warn America’s nuclear deterrent is in bad shape.  Not only have our weapons become old and rickety, but the overall design – to bust Soviet missile silos – is woefully out of date in this age of mobile missile launchers.  Russia has more battlefield tactical nukes, and a different attitude about using them.  We draw a bright line at using any nukes, but Putin has threatened some 40 times to use them in Ukraine.  The use of nuclear weapons per se is not unthinkable to the Russians.  Russia outnumbers us ten-to-one in the tactical nuke category.  China isn’t standing still, either.  It is turning express trains into mobile missile launchers.  China will tell you it aims for ‘world harmony’ which really means subjugation of the entire planet under Chinese rule – world domination.  Compared to Russia and China, the Biden administration is twiddling its thumbs when it comes to nuclear deterrence.  Forcing electric cars on us to save the planet is so much more important, you see.

Some might argue all of this is deliberate.  The Biden administration hates America with a passion and is trying to destroy it.  I believe that but, today, all I have to show you is how the administration’s policies are weakening our national security.  That’s bad enough.  Whatever the reason, the Biden administration is shirking its duty on Job One – national security – and we are less safe as a result.

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