Judge Jeanine Torches Kamala Harris – ‘She Is Lazy And Uninterested’

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Judge Jeanine Pirro called out Kamala Harris on Tuesday, saying that the Vice President only has herself to blame for the public’s increasingly negative opinion of her.

While appearing on Fox News, Pirro discussed an essay published by The New York Times that Harris was “stuck” in President Joe Biden’s shadow and has not become a “public face” on any major issues, despite being given larger responsibilities in areas like border security. The essay went on to say that Harris is a “weak heir” if Biden can’t keep control over the party.

Pirro, however, was not having any of it, as she claimed that Biden cannot be blamed for Harris’ failures as vice president.

“She is who she is, but I don’t blame Joe,” Pirro said. “I don’t blame the fact that she is in a position of vice president and therefore gets the tough jobs. That is nonsense. Don’t give me this garbage that Joe Biden is not giving her a chance. She is a lazy and she is not interested. That’s why she is a failure.”

Not stopping there, Pirro proceeded to address Harris directly.

“You are a vibrant woman at the prime of your life,” Pirro said. “You are the vice president of the United States. You’ve got the energy, you’ve got the stamina. You are quick, you’re sharp, you’ve run for office before. You should be out there every day doing something.

“I don’t care if he gave you the border to deal with,” she added. “You should be out there getting women together, getting business people together, baby formula, whatever it is. You get out there, and you be heard. You’re not controlled by Joe Biden, he does not tell you what you do. You can do what you want to do.”

However, Pirro’s colleague Jesse Watters responded by arguing that he feels Biden actually is to blame for not preparing Harris as the next heir apparent.

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“Joe has only given her things that he did not want to deal with. He has not given her any position where she can shape policy,” Watters said. “He only picked her because she was the female of color, and then once he got elected, he kicked her to the curb. So he should be grooming her to be the heir apparent, and he has failed to do so.”

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld chimed in to say that Harris is the “best decision” Biden has ever made, “because no one wants him to go anywhere. ”

“I pray for his health every single day,” he said, “Because then, it’s her.”

On Wednesday, the Fox News contributor Kat Timpf blasted Harris as well, saying that she sees the Vice President as the most “frightening” kind of politician because she appears to want power “for the sake of power.”

“It’s pretty clear that she wants things that will raise her political profile,” Timpf said. “I don’t really know exactly what it is she stands for because she’s been everything. She’s been the tough-on-crime lady, and now she’s the woke lady. It’s whatever’s popular, whatever she thinks is going to get people to like her.”

“And there is nothing that frightens me more in a politician than someone who is – and I think a lot of them have this issue – but someone who is so clear about wanting power for the sake of power and not actually wanting to help solve any problems,” she continued. “And bragging about doing a little bit of solving of one [problem] you created. It’s not really so much of a brag.”

One can’t help but feel that it’s terrifying that Harris is one heartbeat away from the presidency.

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