Judge Jeanine Torches Biden For Being ‘Caught In The Lie’ About Hunter

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The conservative media personality Judge Jeanine Pirro is calling out President Joe Biden for being “caught in the lie” about his son Hunter’s business dealings.

While appearing on Fox News, Pirro said that Hunter is “under investigation but the truth is, Merrick Garland is running it. When you think of first families, you should think of people with a little class.”

“Talk about a dirt bag. This guy is a drug dealer, he’s a sex-crazed man, he’s going through Europe with a vacuum cleaner, his father lies about it,” she continued. “His father says ‘I don’t know anything about his business dealings.’ He now is caught in the lie. We’ve got him caught in the lie. Mr. President, why don’t you explain? Why did you lie about saying that you didn’t know anything about your son’s overseas businesses?”

“Meanwhile, we’re about to drop tariffs on China,” Pirro added. “And how much money did he get from the Chinese energy company? 4.5 million. How about for the Chinese investors? 1.5 billion. And then you want to know if Hunter is impacting the policy of the United States of America. He’s taking tariffs off of solar panels so we get them from China. He wants electric cars so we get the batteries from China.”

This comes after Daily Mail reported that Hunter could face federal prostitution charges for transporting hookers over state lines. There are videos that have been released showing Hunter transporting three women who he paid to have sex with him from Boston to New York for an orgy.

Hunter is currently under federal investigation for potential tax crimes, money laundering and alleged illegal foreign lobbying linked to his business dealings overseas.

Though President Biden has claimed that he has “never spoken” to Hunter about his business dealings, there is evidence that he actually did do just that, according to The New York Post. President Biden allegedly agreed to pay more than $800,000 in legal bills for Hunter, including bills that pertained to his overseas businesses. Since it would be impossible to set these payments up without discussing Hunter’s business, many feel that this is solid evidence that the president lied.

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It should be noted that Hunter is the same person who cheated on his ex-wife with the widow of his late brother Beau, who died back in 2015 after a battle with brain cancer.

The media has been covering for the Biden family long enough, and it’s time for the full truth of their crooked ways to come to light once and for all.

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