Election Integrity Professional Demolishes Guardian Hit Piece

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Democrat-friendly media outlets are working overtime to discredit all efforts to achieve free and fair elections and to smear anyone involved in election integrity efforts.  One of many such pathetic articles appeared in The Guardian, the left-wing British publication with a U.S. presence. The article drives the phony narrative that poll-watching and training for election integrity activists amounts to voter intimidation and is to be condemned.

The article specifically names Tim Meisburger, a member of my activist network devoted to achieving free and fair elections. Tim has spent 30 years observing overseas elections, culminating in his appointment as Director of the Center for Democracy Rights and Governance for the federal agency USAID. Tim is currently Director of the America Project’s election integrity program.   The Guardian never asked him for his side of the story, so he wrote a letter to the editor demolishing the article, a letter which the Guardian has yet to publish.  In the letter, Tim wrote:

This article is littered with “scare quotes”; a rhetorical device and cliché whose overuse reflects poorly on the professionalism of the author, and competence of his editor. Although this article is listed under “US news”, it is immediately clear that it is an opinion piece….

Early in the article Peter Stone … plays the “Hitler” card, suggesting our leadership is pushing a “big lie”; a pejorative the left uses to refer to the opinion shared by many (according to recent polls, more than half of all Americans, including 30% of Democrats) that the 2020 election may have been affected by fraud….

As election and democracy professionals know, you cannot judge the legitimacy of an election by looking solely at what happens on election day, as many events can occur well before election day that affect the integrity of the election process….

[U]ndisputed examples of incidents or programs that might give one cause to doubt the democratic legitimacy of the election include:

  • Coordinated suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story before the election
  • Introduction of many new election procedures as a response to COVID 19 that universally weakened the security of the election process
  • Widespread use of insecure mail-in ballots and drop boxes, paid for in many cases by donations from a partisan billionaire.
  • The use of state officials and resources to turn out voters in predominately Democratic areas, again paid for by a partisan billionaire.
  • Ballot mules geo-tracked and videoed collecting ballots from partisan organizations and then stuffing said ballots in drop boxes
  • Observers being prevented (on video) from observing counting processes
  • Poll workers (on video) sending observers home and stuffing ballot boxes in the middle of the night
  • The suspiciously coordinated suspension of counting in battleground states, followed by markedly different results when counting is resumed

These and other incidents may not be enough to sway Peter, but they are certainly enough to create reasonable doubt for many people. For me, as an election professional, the prevention of effective observation alone is enough to declare that the integrity of the election cannot be verified; and if we were overseas monitoring an election in a developing country and saw that, we would condemn the process and call for new elections….

The letter goes on from there and includes the inconvenient fact Meisburger left USAID at the end of President Trump’s term, not under a “cloud” as the article baselessly claimed.

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That’s the rebuttal.  Let’s see if the Guardian prints it.  Don’t hold your breath.  Open and honest debate, any more than free and fair elections, is not how the Democrats roll.

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