Things Are Going Well in the Capital of Police Defunding

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This is fine.

Portland police responded to four shootings and four major traffic incidents Friday night and Saturday morning, in what officers labeled an “extremely busy night” that left them unable to respond to some lower-priority 911 calls.

The shootings left at least five people injured and two dead in a murder-suicide. The traffic incidents left one person dead and four people wounded, including two with life-threatening injuries.

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Why might the police have had trouble responding?

Portland was one of the few places to defund the police by $15 million. The efforts to lynch police officers over battles against violent rioters and left-wing mobs led to massive resignations and retirements leaving the city with the smallest police force on record in a generation.

Violent crime continues to rise and Portland cops are shorthanded.

At about 7:45 p.m., Portland police assisted Oregon State Police as that agency pursued a stolen ambulance that traveled at least 25 miles from Woodburn to Portland.

Oregon State Police say they responded to a single-vehicle crash on Interstate 5 but the driver fled, stealing the ambulance that arrived on scene and driving it to Portland. The driver used the ambulance to ram a patrol vehicle and strike a building, Oregon State Police said, before being arrested just outside of Portland.

Portland police assisted by searching for any potential hit-and-run victims. Oregon State Police arrested Noor Mohammad Baheej

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