DeSantis Lays Hammer on Disney, Calls to Terminate ‘Special Districts’ Allowance

Ron Desantis Terminates Disney’s Tax Privilege

Gov. Ron DeSantis has requested the Florida legislature to abolish a special district formed by state lawmakers more than six decades ago to assist the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando function more effectively.

The extraordinary legislative session, which will take place from Tuesday through Friday, would allow state lawmakers to redraw Florida’s congressional district plan. DeSantis vetoed the redistricting map adopted by the legislature during the previous session.

DeSantis and the Walt Disney Company have been at odds since DeSantis signed the contentious Parental Rights in Education Act on March 28. It was slammed by the corporation as an assault on the LGBTQ+ community.

On May 12, 1967, legislators formed The Reedy Creek Improvement District as a governing entity and special taxation district for an area inside the city limits of Reedy Creek.

The State of Florida and Disney have had a tax deal in place since November of 1968 in order to give Disney tax privileges and exemptions. This deal is responsible for $150 million worth of tax breaks given to Disney. 

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DeSantis Terminates ‘Special Districts’ Allowance Going Forward

On Tuesday, Ron Desantis announced action to remove these exemptions from the Big Tech Accountability Law. However, Desantis is not looking to take back previous tax breaks. 

This is in response to Disney’s overreaching action against the Parental Rights in Education Bill, coined by the far-left as the “Don’t Say Gay” Bill. Disney has currently paused all lobbying donations to the Florida politicians, including the bill’s sponsors. 

Other lobbying means and thwarting of the State legislature is likely inevitable, however the company has yet to release to the public future plans.

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