The Tide of Afghan Refugees to US is Only Beginning

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Biden brought tens of thousands of unvetted Afghans to America, the vast majority of whom had no visas and were not eligible for anything.

Call that Phase 1.

Since then the State Department and the Biden administration have been negotiating with the Taliban to bring over everyone else.

Call that Phase 2.

What’s Phase 2 going to look like? Take that 50,000 and double it. At the very least.

More than 60,000 Afghan interpreters and others who have applied for visas to seek shelter in the U.S. after working alongside American forces still remain in Afghanistan, a State Department official said Thursday.

About 33,000 Afghans, including principal applicants and their families, have already cleared the more-onerous vetting requirements and could be eligible for immediate evacuation. This is the first time that the State Department has provided a number on those left behind since the Afghanistan government collapsed this summer.

A total of 62,000 Afghans are believed to have been left behind, the official said.

Some “conservatives” are jumping all over this to demand that they all be brought to America yesterday, but as I’ve been writing for years, the vast majority of these people are not “interpreters”, they were employed by the United States or some contractors associated with us in some capacity. And then all their kids and spouses and relatives have to come along too.

The State Department official said that the remaining 29,000 visa applicants are in earlier stages of the application process. The figure doesn’t include their family members at this stage. The vetting steps aim to verify their employment history and check for connections to U.S.-designated terrorist groups.

There will be no vetting. We know this because there was no vetting with the tens of thousands that the Biden administration already brought to America.

Likewise, the vetting here will most likely involve running their names (or the names they’re providing) through a database to see if anything pops up.

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If it doesn’t, they’ve been “vetted”.

The U.S. is co-organizing a couple of flights a week, but scheduling depends on conditions at Kabul airport—which is only partly operational—and the weather. It could take until well into 2022 to complete the evacuation of those who already qualify for flights. If the other 29,000 visa applicants pass vetting, they too would become eligible for evacuation along with their immediate family members.

We’re easily looking at 100,000. If not more.

And by 2022, they will have discovered tens of thousands of more “interpreters”. Too many media “conservatives” are falling for this scam in a knee-jerk effort to attack the Biden administration. Much like they stupidly complained about the air strike that took out someone they thought was a suicide bomber. Instead of attacking the Biden administration for the right thing which is opening the country to a huge number of migrants from a hostile culture, some of whom are or will become terrorists.

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