Wayne Allyn Root: Hillary Clinton Could be ‘Installed’ as President

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According to one prominent conservative commentator, Democrats may be formulating a plan for Hillary Clinton to take over as Vice President when Biden’s popularity plummets.

Wayne Allyn Root wrote in a Townhall essay titled “Get Ready For President Hillary Clinton” that he believes Democrats are discussing a plot to make Hillary Clinton the president.

Democrats are preparing to elect Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States.

Everyone who isn’t blind, deaf, or incredibly dumb recognizes that Biden is brain-deaf. Biden’s ability to think and communicate is deteriorating on a daily basis.

Rumors are circulating that Biden’s administration is considering removing Harris as vice president and nominating her to the United States Supreme Court.

According to CNN, White House officials portray a picture of absolute disarray and unhappiness between Biden and Harris. “Kamala Harris is a leader,” a top Democratic fundraiser remarked, but she isn’t “being put in positions to lead.”

CNN reported that Biden has pondered removing Harris from the vice presidency and nominating her to fill a Supreme Court vacancy.

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Alexandra Brinkley
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