Pennsylvania Senate Passes Constitutional Carry Bill

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In a 29-21 vote, the Pennsylvania Senate passed S.B. 565, which would make Constitutional Carry the law.

The bill ends licensing requirements to carry weapons in the state, either concealed or openly.

The NRA Institute for Legal Action commented that the bill would codify the right to carry a firearm into Pennsylvania law, making it impossible for police to arrest someone for carrying a firearm.

In addition to this law, the NRA Institute for Legal Action noted that S.B. 448, which the Senate also passed, would make it impossible for city and local governments to make gun laws that violate State law.

S.B. 448 ensures S.B. 585 will be enforced uniformly across the state, tying the hands of rogue activist city and local governors and legislatures to violate the right to bear arms at local levels.

S.B. 565 will now be passed off to the House where they will vote before sending it off to the governor.