2021: A Referendum On Joe Biden

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The general election of 2020 was a defining moment for the Democratic Party. It was the moment they realized they were bullet-proof after they consolidated the electorate. They believed that because they got rid of Trump, they could govern without any consequences. However, as inflation rates continue to rise, gas prices go up, supply chain issues, and nine months of utter incompetence, we are seeing push back at every level.

The gubernatorial race in Virginia between incumbent Governor Terry McAuliffe and businessman Glen Youngkin was seen as the first test for the Biden Agenda. However, like throwing fish in shark-infested waters, it was an absolute bloodbath. Everyone in the Establishment is looking for an answer as to how this could have failed, while everyday Americans are more and more incentivized to hit the voting booths. It is clear as day to anyone in touch with the everyday American why the Biden Agenda is unpopular.


This began in 2020. Democrats were Jack and so busy being king of the world, they didn’t see the sinking ship they were sailing. This happened in 2012 as well, when Obama won re-election against Mitt Romney. When Obama won, the Democrats began to hit the Republicans over the head with the club of government.

We all know this tune, but let’s sing it together: “Well, we have the IRS targeting, calling them racist, AG calling them criminals.” So, go ahead and call and get your copy of “that’s how you get Trump” now. In all seriousness, the Democrats shot themselves in the foot when they believed they could beat Republicans over the head with the club of government without repercussions. During the 2016 election, the Democrats got their repercussions in the form of a giant orange middle finger.

Donald Trump was elected to be the giant middle finger to the people who for years believed that the electorate would be silent and take their beatings laying down. In a sense, Trump was right when he tweeted, “In reality, they’re after you, I’m just in the way.” The 2016 election was a referendum on the previous eight years of the public carrying the cost of the Obama presidency. In 2020, when the rock with googly eyes in a suit (Biden) beat Trump, the cycle for the Democrats started again. Except they didn’t really expect the rock with googly eyes to be so incompetent and could not prepare for the absolute destruction of all they achieved so far.

So, What Happened Here?

So, what happened? Well, the issue is twofold. The next part is going to be something that Trump began in 2016: he attacked the establishment media, he attacked Democrats at large, but most importantly, he started to attack the modern culture that has been cultivated. For the longest time, conservatives have abandoned the culture, and what we saw happen post-1950 are things such as the sexual revolution (in which we still deal with things from the 60s).

It has only gotten worse, and when you abandon the culture to people that hate you, they will cultivate a culture that sees you as the enemy of change. That is the lie of progressivism and it is a trap that many conservatives now face on the issue of the culture. If you talk to a progressive, their philosophy is one of hate for the way things have been, and if you say one good thing about the system, you are immediately considered the enemy. Now, take that and multiply it by a thousand and you have exactly what Democrats have been doing for years.

They have been conditioning people to hate the system and developed an us vs. them mentality. The reason that the Democratic establishment hated Trump is because he spoke the truth about the system. The electorate, being busy hating the other side, did not see how radical the party was moving to the left. The hate for the right was so strong we didn’t see the way that the left was shaping the culture.

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Conservatives Re-emerge in the Culture Wars

We can clearly see this in why the DOJ and FBI labeled parents attending school board meetings against Critical Race Theory as domestic terrorists, while the sitting President and Vice President bailed out the people responsible for the burning of many cities. This shows the absolute hate the Democrats have for common Americans; you’re the one who’s wrong when you notice radical policies. This is what Glen Youngkin ran on, and he won overwhelmingly in Virginia. This goes to prove that the culture is tired of the leftist policies that have a stranglehold on it. A leftist would say, “No leftist politician has that kind of power” and, while I would agree with you fictitious leftist reading conservative articles, allow me to introduce a conglomerate of Democrats who are responsible for this: the mainstream media.

The Democratic Party Hates You

To the conservatives reading this article, or listening to it on NRN+ (subscribe here) it is no secret that the media is biased. Asking if the media is biased is akin to asking if the sky is blue. Yet, many people believe the media have no power in the culture. Here’s an example of media malice at work: this is the story of Kenosha, Wisconsin, and Kyle Rittenhouse. For those of you unaware of the background of this case, it all starts with a man named Jacob Blake.

Blake happened to be at his girlfriend’s house at the time, violating a restraining order in the process. He then proceeded to threaten her with a knife and kids with a knife. The cops were called and gave Blake warnings to put the knife down; when this did not happen the officer shot and seriously injured Blake. The mainstream media had a field day with this and ran headlines that read “Unarmed black man killed in Kenosha example of systemic racism,” and for days on end, the city would burn because of it.

The problem with this characterization? Well, it turns out that both local officials and Federal officials reviewed the tapes from the incident and the officer was cleared of any wrongdoing. Does that matter to the media? Absolutely not. Then the media painted Kyle Rittenhouse as a brutal white supremacist who only wanted to kill people during the riots. The problem with this? He was cleared of all charges and he shot three other white guys. Why would the media paint Kyle Rittenhouse a brutal white supremacist, when we know the facts of the case? Does this matter to the media? Absolutely not. It is extremely easy to live a life where you create enemies everywhere you look, because then you can shift the goal posts all you want, and you never have to argue anything objectively.

What Does This Mean?

If the Democratic Party contiues to double down on this already failing presidency, you will see Republicans win the House in 2022. If we view this in the broadest lens possible, if the Democrats are going to continue doing what they are doing, then they shouldn’t be surprised to see Donald Trump on the ballot in 2024. Joe Biden, aka rock with googly eyes in a suit, continues to fall in his approval rating. In a November 6th poll, Emerson College showed Trump beating Biden by two percentage points. If the Democratic Party continues to be the party of radicalism, then 2021 is only the beginning of their electoral problems.

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