Hit Song “Let’s Go Brandon” In No.1 Spot On iTunes 6 Days Straight

Bryson Gray, a conservative hip hop artist who wrote the hit song “Let’s Go Brandon,” has outed Adele as the hottest streaming artist on iTunes.

In light of the momentous occurrence, Gray took to Reddit in a Q&A with Redditors in pro-Trump group “The Donald Trump 2024.”

On Reddit, he talked about having tracks censored by Spotify and other platforms and answered some personal questions about his political leanings and experience making music.

Gray told Redditors that multiple labels have reached out asking to sign him, but that he doesn’t need a label because he already has plenty of support.

He also disclosed to Redditors that the reason he became a Republican is because the Democrat Party left him, and he expressed that many black people have deep Conservative values.

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The catchphrase “Let’s Go Brandon” comes after Newsweek claimed a crowd chanting “**** Joe Biden” at a sports event was really saying “Let’s Go Brandon.”

Following the momentous occurrence, the phrase “**** Joe Biden” was a trending Twitter hashtag for 24 hours.

Conservatives have been using the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” as a placeholder for the pithy phrase ever since, with the Bryson Gray track, “Let’s Go Brandon” at the top of the movement.

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