Ted Cruz: ‘It is a Cynical and Calculated Lie’ That Democrats Don’t Want to Defund The Police

From Conservative Brief:

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Republicans aren’t letting Biden get away with making the claim that Republicans, and not Democrats, are behind the movement to defund the police, and Ted Cruz is leading the charge against the “cynical and calculated lie.”

In recent weeks, the White House and Democrats have reversed course on their “defund the police” rhetoric, presumably because poll numbers started to skew heavily against the effort amid the surge in violent crime throughout the country.

On Thursday, Texas Senator Ted Cruz slammed the Democrats during a speech on the Senate floor where he described the claim as a “cynical and calculated lie” that the Republicans are seeking to defund the police.

Republicans were staunchly supportive of the men and women in blue as protests and riots erupted across the United States last summer following the death of George Floyd.

“I rise today to discuss facts and fiction. Recently, Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked White House press secretary Jen Psaki about a Biden administration official’s claim that Republicans have defunded the police by not voting to pass Biden’s wasteful $1.9 trillion stimulus bill,” Cruz began in his remarks.

“Psaki doubled down on the idea that it is Republicans and not Democrats who want to defund the police. When a White House press secretary gives a press briefing, you expect some spin, you expect some verbal bobbing and weaving if the topic is unflattering to the administration. But when Jen Psaki tried to blame Republicans for defunding the police, it wasn’t spin. It was horse manure, it was gaslighting,” Cruz added.

“For over a year, Democrats and left-wing activists have been calling over and over again to defund the police, and many Democrat-led city councils and Democrat mayors have done so cutting and even slashing police budgets,” said Cruz. “As a result of those reckless policies, we are seeing a deeply concerning wave of violent crime in American cities across the country.”

“The chief White House spokesperson blaming Republicans for defunding the police is like an arsonist showing up at the fire and blaming the firemen. It’s like the Chinese Communist Party blaming America for the Wuhan virus. It’s like OJ saying he’s going to help find the real killer,” said Cruz, referring to OJ Simpson and the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson. “It’s absurd. It’s ridiculous. And Democrats know it.”

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Cruz highlighted remarks made by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who prefers not to be referred to by the moniker “AOC” by her enemies, especially Ted Cruz, whom she called out for referring to her by the popular nickname granted to her by her supporters.

“AOC, the darling of the extreme left-wing, has said quote, ‘Defunding the police means defunding the police,’ and, ‘The fight to defund the police continues,’” he said.

“There’s not a lot of ambiguity in what AOC is saying, and she’s not alone,” Cruz continued adding that Reps. Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Presley, and Rashida Tlaib – progressive members of the so-called Squad – have also called for defunding the police.

“How about Representative Rashida Tlaib. She has called for, ‘No more policing.’ Stop and think about that for a minute. This is an elected Democratic member of Congress; whose policy objective is no more policing. Those are her own words. How about representative Ilhan Omar. She has said, ‘You can’t really reform a department that is rotten to the root.’ An elected Democratic member of Congress describing police departments as rotten to the root. Again, those are her words. And then there’s Representative Ayanna Presley, who has introduced legislation to defund police officers in public schools. And she has said that, ‘defunding the police is about true reparations.’

Not one to let up on Biden himself, Cruz was quick to remind the Senate that the President nominated two of the leading advocates for abolishing the police, Vanita Gupta and Kristen Clark, into two senior positions at the U.S. Department of Justice. As recently as last year, both individuals made explicit calls for defunding the police, and “they got rewarded for helping run the Department of Justice,” Cruz said.

He added:

“But surely you might say, even if Joe Biden gave in to the activists that nominated these folks, there are Democrats in this chamber that would say defunding the police is too much. Let’s not go that far. Well, if you would say that, you would be wrong. Because both of those nominees, two of the leading advocates for defunding the police, were confirmed when every single Democrat in this chamber voted to confirm them – 100 percent. The next time you see a Democrat describing themselves as moderate, reasonable, not one of those crazies saying things like defund the police, maybe you should ask them why they voted to confirm two of the leading advocates for defunding the police to senior positions at the Department of Justice.

“Democrat-led city councils all over the country are following the same game plan. And they have voted over and over again to defund the police last year. Los Angeles City Council cut the police budget by $50 million. Portland cut $15 million from its police budget. Minneapolis cut $8 million from its police budget. Seattle cut its police budget by 18 percent. Now, what do these cities have in common? They are run by Democrats. It is Democrat politicians who are slashing police budgets. And what are the results been? Well, sadly, these Democrat-led cities are reaping what they sowed.

“Crime rates are skyrocketing. The New York Times, hardly a right-wing outfit, the New York Times has reported that homicides in Los Angeles increased 36 percent, that homicides have increased in Portland more than 82 percent, and that homicides in Minneapolis increased nearly 72 percent last year. And by all appearances, these homicides spikes will continue throughout this year. Just a few weeks ago, Democrats demonstrating that they couldn’t learn from the tragic failure of other cities that slashed the police and saw homicides skyrocket. What did they do in Oakland, California? The City Council voted to cut over $18 million from the police department. And Oakland has already seen a 90 percent increase in homicides over last year.

“When it comes to facts and fiction, it is a cynical and calculated lie from the Biden White House that it is anybody other than Democrats who are leading the foolhardy charge to abolish and defund the police,” concluded Cruz. “It’s dangerous. Crime rates are skyrocketing. And it’s an exceptionally bad idea.”

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