Los Angeles Issues Recall For Socialist Councilor Giving AOC-Linked Group a Political Loss

From Conservative Brief:

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The City of Los Angeles has officially recognized a recall petition for a progressive member of the City Council who openly touts her membership in the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). The DSA boasts other progressives in office, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Cori Bush, Rashida Tlaib, and Jamaal Bowman.

The DSA has numerous members in various city councils, state houses, and state assemblies across the U.S., including New York, Chicago, San Antonio, and Seattle. In Austin, Texas, DSA member Jose Garza won the seat of District Attorney this year.

On Friday, the Los Angeles Office of the City Clerk announced that a petition to recall Councilwoman Nithya Raman has been approved for circulation. In 2020, Raman told the leftist publication Jacobin that she was “a member” of the DSA, adding that she “pretty much my entire platform very much overlaps with what DSA has been fighting for here in L.A.”

According to the Daily Wire, the local DSA chapter in Los Angeles claimed her as a member and was instrumental in her election as she became the first DSA member in the city in 17 years to defeat an incumbent. Raman, who represents the Fourth Council District in Los Angeles, an area she claims has been “wildly gerrymandered over the years”, includes parts of Hollywood, Central L.A., and Sherman Oaks.

Raman won her seat campaigning on far-left policies, including defunding the police.

In June, a campaign committee served Raman with a recall notice outside of her home on June 9, less than six months after she took office. The Los Angeles Times reported that “the committee argued that Raman’s office is inexperienced, unresponsive and too politically radical for her constituents to endure a full four-year term.”

City News Service detailed the petition:

Under Los Angeles’ recall rules, constituents are able to sign petitions to recall council members starting four weeks after the notices were served.

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To get the recall effort on the ballot, campaigns have 120 days to obtain verified signatures from 15% of the districts’ registered voters. The petition’s deadline is Nov. 4 and it needs at least 27,405 signatures from qualified registered voters in her district.

A similar recall effort against Councilman Mike Bonin, who represents Venice and other Westside neighborhoods, requires at least 27,387 signatures.

The two council members have led an effort to replace the city’s mandatory encampment cleanups with a more voluntary, service-based approach. Their motion to have the city develop a new method to replace the cleanups, often referred to as “sweeps,” was unanimously passed by the City Council in April.

Allison B. Cohen, who serves as the editor and publisher of the Los Felis Ledger, leads the recall effort. Cohen has openly accused Raman of being “in bed” with the Democratic Socialists of America and their effort to eliminate positions from the Los Angeles Police Department. Cohen alleges that Raman has prioritized her “personal homelessness ideology over constituent safety” in the area she represents, of which Cohen is a constituent.

Raman has since responded to the effort to recall her, claiming that she is “really focused on the broad progressive agenda that got so many voters in the district excited” about her campaign. She says that her agenda includes “moving people from the streets into housing, protecting tenants, supporting small businesses, fighting climate change, and improving our city’s response and engagement to the needs of all of CD 4’s constituents.”

“I love the people and the neighborhoods of this district,” she added. “That’s why I ran to represent it. I invite the organizers of this recall to work with me on making it an even better place to live, work and raise our children.”

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