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As the Left descends into utter insanity, working class Americans who have voted Democrat are looking for an alternative. Yes, they want fair wages to raise their families on. Yes, they want “safety nets” for when things become economically difficult. But they don’t want a party which pursues the right to brainwash their children with radical LGBTQ(IAPP+) ideology or with so-called Critical Race Theory, which teaches children to hate themselves and their ancestors. They certainly aren’t in favor of school counselors assisting a child in transitioning to another gender without the consent of or knowledge of their parents. 

Liberals Are Rethinking

While extreme examples of the latter may not be widespread, working class parents can see the writing on the wall and are looking for an alternative. Many former “compassionate liberals” are waking up to the lies they’ve been told, and recognizing that the slope is, in fact, more slippery than they had originally thought. But upon looking to the “conservative” party for more sound policy discussion, such Americans will find instead a post-Obergefell vs. Hodges Republican Party – one that simply debates the same issues that the Left debated just five years ago. They will find a Republican party that openly promotes homosexuals and ostracizes Christian activists, such as Lauren Witzke, for speaking out against CPAC’s promotion of “transgender conservatives.” They will find a Republican Party whose prominent campaign gurus are promoting and assisting Caitlyn Jenner – a transgender formerly known as Bruce – as a candidate for Governor of California.

They will even find a Republican Party that laments the fact that active porn stars aren’t accepted with open arms at events for the “big tent” party  While the American Right grapples with this identity crisis, members of the radical Left and their global elite sponsors grow more and more united around a singular agenda: to impose their authoritarian vision on the world population in the name of progressive  “ethics” through the Great Reset. The conservative movement in America, at least as manifested by the Republican Party, is an absolute joke. It conserves nothing; it is dead. Frankly, at this point, there isn’t much left worth preserving. If the progressive Left is going to be defeated, only a right-wing reactionary movement that seeks to restore what has been lost has any chance to prevail. 

A Counter-Progressive Vision

Going forward, the Right must offer a counter-progressive vision that is based upon a traditional Christian worldview. The enlightenment ideas, which have greatly influenced this nation, have proven to be destructive when taken to their logical conclusion. They should all be questioned and evaluated objectively. The “great experiment” has proven to be a total failure for all but a small number of globalist elites who profit from the breakdown of family, faith, and community. While the foundational glue – the nuclear family – is continuously broken down, the elites are consolidating their resources for more global control in a system that they call “Stakeholder Capitalism.” Whereas the elites want us to own nothing, live in pods, and eat bugs, traditional societies provide solid foundations for everyone, namely, the nuclear family, faith, and community. Even liberal publications have admitted the benefits of the traditional nuclear family structure, in which children are raised in a home with two married parents. What the globalist elites sell to the masses as liberation is just another means of social control. 

The movement must not apologize for its European and Christian roots. Yes, it should correct where it went wrong, namely, in relying on enlightenment concepts to build the “new world,” concepts which with their underlying humanist ideals built upon materialism and excessive independence – contrasted the Christian worldview. It must move away from vague concepts and twisted views of liberty which ultimately lead to separation from God and enslavement to the passions. Addiction to the passions, sexual liberation, and materialism have all been leveraged by the trans-national elites to control the population in pursuit of their own power and wealth. Aside from adjusting faulty philosophical foundations, any and all attacks of the founding European roots of this Country must be ruthlessly opposed. The creeping Marxism, re-packaged as Critical Race Theory, which is explicitly anti-white and which portrays people of whiteness as the oppressors and categorizes all other groups as the oppressed, must be banished from every sphere of public life. 

The movement must recognize that philosophical “ideas” are not enough of a glue to hold together a nation that is being demographically, culturally, and morally manipulated by an international class of ethically bankrupt and ruthless businessmen and politicians, whose only true motivation is the consolidation and continuation of their power and control. We must understand that their agenda is not naïve, good, or egalitarian, however much it purports to be. It is hellbent on the destruction of all traditional cultural, familial, and religious bonds in the service of a new order, a new society, which is meant to serve their ends, not the common good.

The Left’s Leverage Tools

Currently, the Left leverages demographic replacement as an electoral strategy, one that secures their own power and threatens to destroy an opportunity for future electoral success of any conservative movement. The current majority population, which is the largest base for traditional Christian values is being actively replaced at an exponential pace. This is not an accident, or natural progression. The Left brags about this, then gaslights anyone who exposes it in opposition. Any movement to the right of Bernie Sanders that hopes to survive must oppose mass immigration and demographic replacement. 

The only bond powerful enough to unite our multi-racial society is Christ and His church. We must reject secularism and take the time to rebuild our culture around Christian principles. In the meantime, mass immigration and demographic replacement must be put to an immediate halt. During a period of at least 10 years, our culture must be restored. Once this is accomplished, merit for entry must be based upon willingness and ability to participate in our restored traditional society. As it is now, there is nothing to ask anyone to assimilate to, other than participation in a corporate economy and moral breakdown. 

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The current expression of the Conservative movement, manifested in the mainstream Republican Party, is weak and conserves nothing meaningful. It compromises on every issue, and whether willfully or not, it functions as controlled opposition for theatrics. While members of the Republican Party feign outrage on the new hot-button issues that they will eventually cave on, members of the global elite consolidate more control and resources to cement their tyranny. The so-called “conservative” movement must be replaced by a restoration movement that replaces the progressive worldview with a Christian one. It must never apologize for the ancestral roots of America. It must embrace nationalism over globalism, and put America first. 

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