The Reproductive Death of America

Margaret Sanger’s Population Control Mission

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The push to separate sexual activity from the consequence of pregnancy and childbirth has been ongoing in the United States for over a century. In 1914, Margaret Sanger first coined the term “birth control,” and began her decades-long crusade for the mass availability of contraceptives. After allying with eugenicists to help “weed out the unfit and prevent the birth of undesirables,” she founded the American Birth Control League, which–after merging with other organizations–became Planned Parenthood.  

Today we are witnessing the tragic fulfillment of Sanger’s population control mission. This past year, the US birth rate dropped to the lowest point in over 100 years for mothers of every race, ethnicity, and age bracket–indicating that Americans are not reproducing at high enough rates to replace the current population. At the same time that birth rates are dropping, the percentage of children being born out of wedlock is up to 40%, which is up from about 28% in 1990. Increasing out-of-wedlock births while decreasing overall birth rates is the perfect recipe to destroy any nation. Marriage is important because it is good for children. Children raised by their biological mothers and fathers in traditionally-structured homes benefit from an array of advantages. Namely, they have more access to community and economic resources, and are less prone to academic, social, emotional and cognitive problems–not just as children, but as adults as well. As adults, they are more likely to earn higher incomes and less likely to depend on welfare programs that target poverty. They are less likely to have out-of-wedlock births, and tend to be healthier both physically and mentally. Given the fact that married households generate higher incomes on average, and that children raised in said households are more likely to become economically successful as adults, one can argue that nuclear families can and do contribute to the long term economic well-being of the marketplace. Members of the American left are quick to cite income disparity and the decline of the middle class in their rallying cries for a better economic future, yet for some reason, when it comes to closing the gap between the wealthy and the poor, restoration of the traditional family structure is never brought up as a part of their solution. Nor is it part of the solution posed by big business elites, who seek to address these population trends by enabling mass immigration, regardless of what the consequences might be for native-born and heritage Americans seeking to preserve traditional values. At times, it can seem as though concerned citizens must decide between two equally sinister options: Either suffer the effects of population decline as a nation, or accept a complete demographic overhaul and its accompanying electoral consequences. 

Certainly the left’s vision for America’s future does not reflect the values that conservatives consider fundamental to her very existence as a nation. The very phrase “pursuit of happiness”–originally a mantra for individualism and personal liberty–has become contorted by radical leftists in their covetous pursuit of a godless utopian collective. The truth is that our society–and the traditional values and customs that enable it to function–are dying, and if our nation is to be saved, our government must enact policies to incentivize marriage and childbearing. 

Incentivize Marriage and Family

Very few Western Nations who have suffered similar birth decline as the United States have made meaningful efforts to reverse the trend. An exception is Hungary, whose legislative officials under the much-maligned leadership of Viktor Orban have instituted policies designed specifically to incentivize marriage and family. The key components of these policies are 1) exemptions from personal income tax for women with four or more children and 2) partial mortgage write-offs for families after their second child and grandparental leave. In response to criticism from the liberal media and other European diplomats, Hungary’s State Secretary made the following comments: “The Hungarian point of view is that we have to rely on our internal resources, namely supporting families and enabling young couples to have children…The other approach says that there is overpopulation in one half of the world, while there is a population decline in the other, so let’s just simply balance that difference.” As a consequence of bucking the critics, Hungary’s births are up 9.4%, a 20 year high. Marriages have increased by over 100%, a 40 year high, and the divorce rate is the lowest it has been in six decades–which is quite a turnaround for a country that had seen a declining population since 1981. 

Historically, a nation or empire’s strength is accompanied by large populations and higher rates of population growth. Even New York Times journalists have in the past admitted a correlation between population size and standard of living (Although not without offering immigration as a solution to replace human capital while paying little attention to the potential cultural ramifications). Nevertheless, it is well-understood that shrinking populations lead to lower standards of living–and this fact does not change when the current population is simply being replaced by another. History has also shown that nations with large populations are less subject to foreign aggression, and similarly, that native-born populations suffer most from ethnic fragmentation when their segment is specifically in decline. A quick exploration of the CIA’s World Factbook will show you that the world’s superpowers are generally the most populated places–a fact that has caused some to speculate that the implementers of population-control agendas specifically target more densely-populated regions for the express purpose of undermining their geopolitical strength. All of these facts and historical trends fly in the face of the propaganda coming from the World Economic Forum and their pawn, Bill Gates, who falsely correlate population growth to poverty, while making no effort to camouflage the fact that birth control is instrumental to the execution of their population-control agenda: The Bill and Melinda Gate’s Foundation confidently proclaims that by empowering sub-Saharan African women with the right to choose how many children they have, that population growth will decrease dramatically. 

Whether these population trends are the accidental product of fate, or the intended result of a decades-long propaganda effort to undermine the idea of marriage and family structure in the minds of Americans–our nation is facing a real problem. Either America sacrifices her values, identity, and cohesiveness in exchange for quick market Band-aids of mass immigration, or she follows in the example of Hungary by implementing policies that incentivize marriage and family. We must be creative and courageous in our efforts as a nation: Perhaps the welfare system can be transformed and utilized to incentivize marriage and family through direct payment and benefits. Many great wonders have been made possible by way of American ingenuity, and if we can direct as much intellectual and scientific firepower to the promotion of family, fertility, and healthy population growth as special interests groups have directed to their sinister population control agendas, things can be turned around. The fact is, if America is to be saved, the full force of scientific ingenuity and public policy must be geared to restore and nurture the traditional nuclear family. Self-preservation is hardly a radical or extreme idea, especially when our future depends on it. 

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