Fake Hate Crimes: How Activist Democrats Exacerbate Racial Hatred

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Planned and perpetrated by Democrats activists such as Jussie Smollett, fake hate crimes are given a tacit nod of approval by the Democratic Party and are trumpeted by the corrupt mainstream media. After scrolling through the fake hate crime stories below, be sure to view this must-watch Fox News segment to see how corrupt media lead viewers and readers to believe that alleged hate crimes actual hate crimes, and do so before investigations have barely begun. When alleged hate crimes are later found to be bogus, corrupt Democrat-favoring media stay silent. The first fake hate crime story below was disclosed this past week.

In a rare display of objective journalism, The New York Times reported this story with a devastating article about the accuser and the anti-white administration of Smith College, the elite New England women’s college she attends. Tucker Carlson’s coverage of this explosive story includes a clip of the hate crime hoaxer Oumou Kanoute shedding crocodile tears to convince a fawning reporter for ABC’s Good Morning America that she was gravely harmed by the four low-level white employees whose lives were ruined by her false accusations. Before the investigation had even begun, Smith’s race pandering president betrayed the four employees by giving every benefit of the doubt to the accuser. Click on the link below to watch Carlson’s report.


Hate crime hoax at the Air Force Academy

  • “Go home ni**ers”written on white boards outside the rooms of five African American cadet candidates was determined to have been written by one of those candidates.
  • Rush to judgment1: Before the perpetrator had been identified, the Academy’s virtue-signaling superintendent, Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria, gave a virtue-signaling speech to the corps of cadets telling racists at the Academy to “get out.”
  • Rush to judgment 2: Before the perpetrator had been identified, the corrupt mainstream media gleefully reported the incident as a racist hate crime caused by the election of Donald Trump.

Story here


Left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center reports “big uptick” in hate crimes by Trump supporters since election.

Described by left-wing USA Today as an “expert” on hate crimes, the Southern Poverty Law Center, one of the most hyper-partisan leftist organizations in America, alleges that a “big uptick” of more than 200 hate crimes by supporters of Donald Trump have occurred since Election Day. Here are two examples cited by SPLC, both of which the mainstream media fell all over itself to report:


Billing itself as welcoming worshipers of all races (what Christian church doesn’t?), the Episcopal Church of Our Savior reported to police that its yard sign advertising Spanish-language services was vandalized with the words “TRUMP NATION WHITES ONLY,” a message that was repeated on a brick wall near the church’s memorial garden. “We are shocked and appalled,” said the parish administrator, according to TIME.com. The obviously Trump-hating administrator continued, “Montgomery County is not the kind of place where racist incidents happen, but since [Trump was elected] they’ve been increasing in number. A year ago it wasn’t possible to be a racist bigot and get elected. People now feel free to say racist things they wouldn’t have said [before Trump was elected].” Even though police have not determined whether the graffiti may have been a hate crime hoax, the incident has been widely reported as an actual hate crime in the corrupt mainstream media. [Update Nov. 8, 2017: When I called the church administrator in June to ask if the perpetrator had been identified, I was told no. When I suggested the possibly that the incident may have been a hoax, the church administrator hung up on me.]

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In a story that was trumpeted nationwide as evidence that Trump’s election is causing an outbreak of violent attacks on Muslims by his supporters, an 18-year-old Middle Eastern student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette told police that two white men who identified themselves as Trump voters shouted racial obscenities and beat her while pulling off her hijab and stealing her wallet. Subsequently charged with filing a false report, the complainant admitted during questioning that her entire story was fabricated.

Used by Democrats to slander conservatives as morally reprehensible people, hate crime hoaxes are nothing new:


After campus police at the University of Buffalo began an investigation to discover who placed “White Only” and “Black Only” signs near bathrooms and water fountains, an African-American graduate student admitted she was the culprit, and then attempted to explain away her actions by claiming in anti-white racist diatribe published in the student newspaper that the signs were part of an “art project” she did in reaction to “white privilege.” Although the signs created a racial uproar on campus, the university took no action against the Democrat activist.


Along with the word ni**er and the hash tag #WhitePower, racist graffiti on a whiteboard at the University of Salisbury depicted a stick figure hanging from a noose. An investigation by the university’s police department found that the graffiti was done by two black campus Democrats. Although the incident created unwarranted fear on campus, university officials chose to not file charges against the African-American perpetrators of the incendiary hate crime hoax.

By giving national prominence to unproven hate crime allegations, the mainstream media bend over backwards to help Democrats advance the absurd narrative that Trump has given marching orders to his supporters to unleash a torrent of hate crimes against minorities. Of the 200 alleged hate crime incidents reported by the Southern Poverty Law Center, no arrests have occurred, and no determination has been made as to how many of the reported incidents are hoaxes.

Fake hate crimes have become a favorite tactic of Democrat activists, with the Southern Poverty Law Center serving as a conduit through which hate crime hoaxers know they can get their fabricated claims instantly picked up by national media. More hate crime hoaxes—including the outrageous incident below—can be found at fakehatecrimes.org.

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