Choking on Coke: Why “Diversity Training” Is The Worst Of Both Worlds

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Racism is likely one of the worst elements of today’s society. The United States masquerades as a civilized nation, but in recent years we have seen racism become more and more of a problem in our country. Hate groups, such as the KKK, are a problem that should no longer be a problem. Their tax status, organizational status, and their limited acceptability in some communities should all be a cultural taboo so great that it dissolves the movement to a disgusting radical fringe, like the Nazis.

However, we are seeing a rise in white supremacy across the country and this is disturbing. What is equally disturbing is the rise of hate groups in other minorities across the country. Anti-white speech is no longer simply chants at marches but, under the Biden-Harris administration, becoming codified in executive orders. Companies across the country are having activist “diversity training” and threatening workers with termination if they speak out. It is a disturbing trend that needs to end. Racists should be fired, whistle blowers should be protected.

Coca-Cola recently had a training where they asked their employees to be “less white.” Critics around the country are arguing that “this cannot be racist because this is anti-white.” However, if we apply even the most liberal ‘systematic racism test’ we find that this is a textbook definition of racism.

First, using the standard legal definition of racism, we need to look at the statement, “be less white.” Does it single a group or person out based on race? Yes. Is it overt? Yes. Does it create a hostile work environment? Yes.

However, using a the legal definition in the modern “woke” environment is not enough. We also need to look at it in the lens of the “modern” definition, that is judged by the court of public opinion. First, does it specify a race? Yes. Next, is it being perpetrated by a person or entity in power? Yes, Coca-Cola is the employer of the people at the training. Third, is it supported by the education complex? Yes, universities are supporting this type of racial training. This means that even under the radical definition of racism, this is well beyond acceptable activity.

However, the Coca-Cola slide in question is not all bad. Lets look at each part in turn.

Be Less Oppressive

Who could disagree with a slide telling people to be less oppressive; lets pump our fists in the air and move on, right? Wrong. This is a training for managers. The vague term “oppressive” is to be read as “telling people what to do” – you know, the job of the managers. “Be less oppressive” is telling managers not to do their job and just let people skirt by, which is the “new normal” within the woke crowd.

Way to say it better: Be more inclusive in decision making and ensure that your instructions do not discriminate based on race, sex, or other demographic factor.

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Be Less Arrogant

This is Coke we are talking about. In 12 states, all sodas, including Pepsi, are called “Cokes.” This is a company that built its reputation on arrogance. Literally the Coke calling the Cola black. However, in all honesty, people should be less arrogant. You can be proud of what you do, but you are not better than any other person. Never treat people like they are less because they are different from you, like the instructor of this course assuming that all arrogant people are white.

Way to say it better: Do not make a racial issue of it; arrogance is bad across the board. You can tell people to be less arrogant without telling them to be less “white.”

Be Less Certain

This is just asinine. You hire people because they are confident in what they are doing. When you quibble, especially around large machinery, people die. Statements like this, implying that anyone who is certain is acting white, are offensive at so many levels. Almost like Joe Biden saying minorities are unable to use the internet.

Way to say it better: Don’t be good at your job and when you give instructions, be certain in what you are saying. Leave post-modernism in the garbage heap of history.

Be Less Defensive

About what? Without context, this is telling people to let others walk all over them. If someone says something improper or does something wrong, it is your job as a manager to correct that. It is not being defensive, it is being competent.

Better way of saying it: Don’t. If you are not going to provide context, do not say it at all.

Be More Humble

“Be Less Arrogant” said in another way. This one is good advice for anyone. Once again, this is an area where there is no need for racial connotations. By saying, “being more humble is being less white.” You are asserting the very arrogant statement that only whites are capable of being arrogant.


Also good advice. Also racist for suggesting that white people do not listen.


Why? Most of the major racism cases in the last few years have been frauds. George Floyd was already having trouble breathing because of drugs before he was on the ground (not letting the officer off the hook though). Jussie Smollett, fake. Kamala Harris’ touching childhood tales, stolen from Playboy. NASCAR noose, garage door pull down. The list goes on and on.

The problem here isn’t that they want people to believe, the problem is that they want people to believe what the media is spewing. They want the narrative to be that all white people are racist, but the real acts of racism (which there are a lot of) are not “newsworthy enough” for the woke crowd. They need the fake stories that read like a Hollywood B level melodrama to get people fired up and protesting. Real racism is out there, and when the “woke” crowd fakes it, they eliminate the belief.

Way to say it better: Do not blindly believe. Wait until all the facts are out to pass judgement. The initial emotional reaction is what racists use to form lynch mobs; it was logic that churches used to bring people back to reality.

Break With Apathy

This is the oxymoron of the “woke” crowd. “All white people are lazy and do not do anything, but all white people are actively working to keep minorities down…. well except me because I am, like, woke and stuff.” First of all, do not be apathetic in your job. If you work for Coke, your job is to make a horrible soda that millions drink because they are addicted to caffeine, not the saccharine taste. Quit telling companies that it is their job to be “racial warriors.” Equality starts at the personal level; if you want to end racism, quit making racists payment and for goodness sake quit paying them to do diversity trainings.

Break with White Solidarity

The woke crowd are the “Q-Anons” of the left. They want so desperately to believe that white people have secret meetings and plot to keep black people down. Honestly, other than what passes as rap videos nowadays, you cannot get all the white people to head in the same direction. Just like Q-Anon is wrong that everyone who makes more than $20 an hour is involved in some pedophile ring, “woke” folks are wrong that white people are working together to give them problems.

Truth About Diversity

If you ask most woke people what the worst thing in the world is, they will tell you “Christianity.” This just shows how full of crap they are about their goals. If they want equity, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Christians’ golden rule is what the left profess is their gold standard, but they will not embrace it because it is “white” (News flash: Jesus was middle-Eastern).

These diversity trainings are not about race, they are not about love, they are not about making things better. They are about control. If you think outside of the guidelines, you are too “white” and a problem, no matter what your race. Think freely, do not buy this race baiting that the left is pointing out. They scream so loud about racism because they do not want you to see that they are the actual racists. Do not frequent racist companies (regardless of who they oppress).

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