YouTube Removes Videos Disputing Establishment Narrative On Election

In the latest example of Big Tech interference in our elections, YouTube will now remove videos disputing Biden’s election “victory.” This announcement came from YouTube itself on Wednesday. YouTube went as far to say that any video even alleging widespread voter fraud influenced the election will be censored.

This decision came in light of the passing of the so-called safe harbor deadline, which is itself insignificant, as the results of the election are determined on the day the President is sworn in on January 20th. The election is not determined by artificial early deadlines.

YouTube also cited, “enough states have certified their election results to determine a president-elect” as being a reason for removing content. This is misleading, as there are still court cases pending.

Examples of content YouTube will remove include “videos claiming a presidential candidate won the election due to widespread software glitches or counting errors.” These are plausible allegations, not misleading content as YouTube alleges.

This decision by You Tube reveals yet again just how much bias exists in big tech and how the deck is stacked against President Trump and his supporters.

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Seth Segal
Seth Ian is a writer for NRN, conservative populist writer and supporter of President Trump. He is a proud Religious Jew and a graduate student at Yeshiva University.